OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Oh Hey, It's Fashion Week

Which means I'm living (and dressing) out of a suitcase.
Publish date:
February 13, 2015
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Hello all and welcome to your Outfit Of The Week column. I'm currently typing this sitting on the floor of my friend's apartment in Brooklyn, as I'm in town for Fashion Week. In terms of outfits, that doesn't change much: I've been wearing all black and trying to layer ($1.90 Forever21 camisoles under everything) because that's the easiest way to dress when traveling and dealing with chilly temperatures that rival those back home in Toronto.

I am excited to continue shopping while I'm here though. So far, I've picked up some deeply discounted Calvin Klein lingerie (the best bras!) at Century 21, and had the below necklace remade at Brooklyn Charm for the third time (the other two were lost and broken, respectively.) I feel like this one HAS to last, right?)

Are there any New York shopping destinations I ought to know about? I haven't been here in almost a year!

But really, what we need to talk about is you guys, and what you wore last week!

I really loved originalrjc's outfit, which felt like what would happen if a high school's preppiest student teamed up with the toughest kid out back to create an ensemble. Hmmm, I think I may have just come up with the plot for a great '80s teen movie.

And perhaps it's just the heart backdrop, but Ginger Pop's retro look feels perfectly appropriate for Valentine's Day, and is also making me consider dyeing my hair red again ...

As always, you guys killed it. So, what have you been wearing this week? Do you plan on getting dolled up for V-Day? Let me know it all in the comments.