OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Keeping It Simple

I've been taking those Gap "dress normal" ads pretty seriously.
Publish date:
September 26, 2014
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Hey everyone! First off I just want to apologize for completely missing out on last week's post. Between running errands for my upcoming trip to London and trying to function on prescription cough syrup, my brain hasn't exactly been in tip-top shape. But I'm back in action and it's time to talk outfits again!

If you've had a look at a TV recently, chances are you've seen one of the Gap's incredibly stylish "dress normal" commercials. They're shot in black and white and feature incredibly attractive young people dressed, in the Gap's eyes, "normally." That is, simple T-shirts, fitted jeans, basic jackets. The whole campaign is selling the idea that if you dress in a minimalistic style, your actions and personality have a better chance of being seen.

Obviously there are plenty of arguments for and against such a line of thinking, but I dig the marketing, as I love the simplicity and ease of a good pair of trousers and a button-down shirt. Especially since I'm going away for two weeks next week, packing simple things in the same colour scheme makes it a lot easier to extend a minimal wardrobe and mix-and-match my pieces to create different looks.

My wardrobe in the past two weeks has been some variation on the above outfit -- a white men's shirt, skinny black pants, black loafers from last time (I finally broke them in!) and my trenchcoat. If there's one thing to be said about dressing "normally," it's that it makes getting dressed and deciding what to wear a whole lot easier.

But enough about me!

Last time, our own Rachel knocked it out of the park in this amazing vintage dress. This piece takes the idea of something simple, like a little black dress, and turns it on its head with wild, feathery sleeves which make her look like, as Emily said, "a sexual cockatoo." Too fabulous.

Then we had commenter mariiiiaaaa, who combined my love of stripes with my love of little details and showing off your back. The scoop back on her little striped dress showed some skin AND her coordinated striped bra. Brava.

Well, as you can see my monochromatic streak continues, even when it comes to favourites. Are you feeling the same or do you want to break things up with a hit of colour? Show me what you've been wearing in the comments and brighten my weekend! And tell me what you think about this "normal" dressing.