OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: California Dreamin'

Can I get dressed by the palm trees every day, please?
Publish date:
August 15, 2014
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A few weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles for work and I fell in love with the city all over again. The basically nonstop "easy" warm weather, the gorgeous plants and palm trees, and walking out barefoot each morning to drink my coffee while overlooking Laurel Canyon ... well, it was all just so lovely. Plus, traveling to California had me switching up how I was dressing. Brighter colours, fun prints, and a general "Hollywood in the ’60s and ’70s" vibe was what I went for.

That outfit was made up with things I'd picked up over the years -- ’60s sunglasses and shoes from a flea market (though you can get a similarly shaped pair here), Serge Gainsbourg T-shirt from a shop in Toronto's Kensington Market a few years ago (it's starting to fall apart), bracelet from an antique mall, purse from my job at a thrift store, and skirt from an ensemble bought on Etsy.

Now moving along ... I just want to say, you guys made it really, really hard for me to pick a favourite (or multiple favourites) this week. You all looked so damn great and on-point with your breezy, late-summer vibes. If I could feature every single outfit you posted, I would. I mean, I can link back to the post here and say, "Hey, go look, see how cute you all are!" but that's pretty boring. So I'll make a pick. Sigh.

First up, we have commenter Shira, whose photo reminded me that "You're never fully dressed without a smile", although I think her outfit would probably still look just as lovely if she were frowning. But where's the fun in that? ANYWAY -- I love this dress because it just looks so light and frothy, and then that embroidered detail, upon closer examination, reminds me of coral in the ocean.

Then Emily Elizabeth posted this photo of her "first day on the East Coast" dress. That orange shade has me aching to shut off my computer and go for a walk in the sun, and how cute are the little bows on those shoes? And the hat. I love a good hat.

Thanks for sharing guys! Now show me what you've been putting together this week.