Out of Character Fashion: I Can't Stop Thinking About These Palazzo Pants

As a life-long campaigner against palazzo pants, I can't believe I am even considering this.
Publish date:
May 23, 2011
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I remember in '94 or '95 when palazzos became a thing. I don't know if it was a global thing, but I wanted nothing more than a pair of palazzo pants with a matching long sleeveless vest (this was right after my wearing bell-bottoms phase so clearly there was some misguided 70s stuff going on). But as I got older and went through other phases (Gwennabe, Mod, New Yorker-in-black, etc.) there was one thing that remained constant in my style development; an aversion to wide leg pants. The memory of palazzo pants was always there, too close, reminding me of the mistake I almost made when I was 9 years old.

A few weeks ago I was doing my nightly fashion-blog crawl and I came across some questionable pants in an editorial. I don't remember the offending image, but I did tweet about it. Can you sense the fear in those 52 characters? Little did I know that just three weeks later I would be in a fitting room at Zara trying on a pair and documenting it for public discussion. Dios mio.

About two weeks ago I randomly stopped in Zara on my way to the train home. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just doing a "loop," as I like to call it. I saw a pair of printed peach trousers that I loved but when I came closer, I realized it was the dreaded palazzo style.

What a shame, I thought, they're actually kind of cute. I went home still thinking about them. I looked them up on the website for closer inspection. "No, that wide leg and weird pin-tuck at the waist won't do me any favors." I closed the window. I went by another Zara over the weekend. I saw the pants again.

No Laia, you can't, I told myself over and over again. I went home. I looked at them on the computer again.

Yesterday after the xoJane editorial meeting, I made my way to yet another Zara. I found the pants. I tried them on. I kinda hate them. AND YET I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM. Obviously, they do not look good with my favorite Band of Outsiders man shirt, but what about with an old tee that's shrunken and falling apart? Or maybe with a chunky sweater? No, these pants are a bad idea, right? They go against everything I believe in! Is this what Paula Abdul was singing about? Are these pants my MC Skat Kat? Make me see the light, otherwise I don't think I'll last another week without these pants and then what? I can't even look at myself right now.