OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: London Called and They Like Your Outfit

My sincere apologies to those of you who missed this column while I was away.
Publish date:
October 17, 2014

Hello all! Outfit Of The Week has returned, for good. My sincere apologies to those of you who missed it in these last few crazy weeks. Between having death-bronchitis and then hiding away in London for two weeks to celebrate my birthday, I wasn't spending much time near computers. But I'm here now, ready to talk personal style with you all again on a weekly basis.

Speaking of London, this was my longest trip away anywhere, and so packing initially stressed me out quite a bit. Reading the weather report before leaving didn't alleviate any of my anxiety, as the reported temperatures looked to be all over the map, and rain would be coming and going. However, with some ingenuity and super packing skills, I managed to stay warm (and cool, and dry, etc.) and packed enough clothes and shoes to create various outfits for the two weeks I was away.

Some tips I have to offer for those heading off for a while? Well, one would be to roll everything up. I managed to fit three dresses, five tops, three skirts, three sweaters, two pairs of pants, a vest, an extra jacket, two umbrellas (just in case), enough underwear, two sets of pyjamas, an evening bag and FIVE pairs of shoes in my suitcase by packing my clothing into "travel burritos." I used a large thin towel as a base and then lay all of my clothing flat on top before rolling it up tightly into a tube that ends up only taking up about 1/3rd of my suitcase. This left plenty of room for toiletries and the aforementioned shoes, and space for things I'd buy while on vacation.

Another tip? Stick to a colour scheme for easy mixing and matching. In the summer if I'm going away I usually pack things in nautical hues -- white, navy, red; or fun, tropical shades like pinks and yellows that have a similar vibe. For this trip, I packed things mostly in black, grey and white, so that everything could be mixed and matched each day to create new outfits.

And finally, thin layers are what saved me. There were some days where London was actually quite hot, so if I'd just packed heavy sweaters I would have melted. Having things like a white cotton button-down and a sleeveless black day-dress in my suitcase meant I could adjust to the crazy weather, and when it got cold at night I had a cashmere pullover and a wool wrap-style scarf to keep me warm.

Now on to you, the ones who keep Outfit Of The Week alive!

First off, we have regular OOTW contributor Mrs. Stamper, who won everyone's hearts with this wonderfully preppy ensemble. The blazer and trousers have a semi-masculine feel but the flippy hairdo and the heels on those oxfords add some va-va-voom. I can totally see myself wearing something like this.

Then, we have our Kelly. I totally swooned for this look that mixed up bits of classic dressing with the most amazing mod angles. And the patent flats! I'm crazy about patent right now, particularly these Topshop patent ankle boots. Sigh.

Your turn, babes. Share with me all of the fabulous things you've been wearing in my time away -- I know you've got plenty of wonderful things up your well-styled sleeves.