OPEN THREAD: Tell Me About The Clothes And Shoes You Wish You'd Kept (Or Wish You'd Bought When You Had The Chance)

Once upon a time, I had a pair of Dr. Martens covered in rainbow sequins and glitter. And then I sold them.
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October 1, 2013
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We have white whales of fashion, right? The things you gave away because you thought you were over them, or sold at a moment of need, or never bought and regret that decision pretty much forever.

I, for example, regret pretty much every pair of boots I've ever sold. I remember them all, from the sequined Dr. Martens I unloaded on eBay (WHAT was I THINKING) to the New Rocks and Swear boots I sold to local goths. The Swear boots in particular, these being a unique artifact of 90s goth/graver/raver style, they literally don't make them anymore and they were some beautiful (and expensive) pieces of art. I sold all those boots because, at the time, I was a grad student on an extremely strict budget and the money I could make by selling them -- even by the early 00s many of these boots were discontinued -- was just too much to resist.

I couldn't have known that one day I'd be in my mid-30s and wishing I still had five-inch platforms made to look like they were built out of an alien's digestive tract. I mean, maybe it's for the best.

My regrets for clothes I haven't even bought are legion as well. So many dresses. So many cardigans. I mourn.

Sometimes, though, the clothes I've missed have a way of finding me. When the first Beth Ditto collection came out from UK plus size chain Evans in 2009, I didn't buy the cropped moto jacket, because at the time it seemed expensive and just not something I was into.

Flash forward a couple of years and I was really regretting it -- see, as a person firmly in the plus-size range, I can't always trust that I'll be able to find an item when I want it. So if I suddenly decide I want a denim pinafore or a moto jacket or a cat sweater, in the absence of time to make these things for myself, I have to wait around for a manufacturer to make it and a retailer to sell it.

So it wasn't like I decided I wanted a moto jacket and I could just go find a different one in a different store in my size. By the time I wanted it, here were none.

ANYWAY, at the height of my regret I was in Re/Dress's original Brooklyn store (there's one in Cleveland now, FYI) and one of the amazing shopgrrls suddenly was all, "Hey I think I have something you might be interested in," and WHOOSH pulled a Beth Ditto moto jacket out of thin air. Like MAGIC.

What are your fashion regrets? The things you got rid of but wish you'd kept? The things you never bought but wish you had?