OPEN THREAD: How Do You Stay Warm, Seriously?

I'm freezing again.
Publish date:
November 21, 2013
winter, cold season, cold tootsies, blankets

I'm a winter babe. I am half Swede and ice runs through my veins. I become the worst little monster in the heat. Not in like a cool Lady GaGa way. More like in a way that like causes massive breakups and tears and possible homicide.

HOWEVER, once a year around this time I have this weird moment. I have this thought in my head that "I may never be warm again."

Okay, flashback to COLLEGE (which was like only a few years ago, FEEL OLD?) where I lived in a double-wide trailer. NOT BECAUSE I'M KATE PIERSON, UNFORTUNATELY. I went to a college that accepted more students than they had rooms to house. So they built trailers in the middle of the woods. I was fortunate to live in one that was on a RAVINE. Which was cool if I wanted to do illicit things (DRUGS) behind the dorm.

But all of that upstate NY wind that flew right up that ravine and through the cracks in my trailer actually made my bed the coldest place in the world.

I remember calling my mom that year and crying to her on the phone because I actually didn't know if I was going to feel warmth again. I just didn't know. I had no idea and I was terrified. Was I ever going to feel the hug of warmth ever again? Or was I going to die with tears freezing on my face to my mother's "You are being a baby, go buy some clothes."

Well obviously, that is all I needed to hear and I bought two pairs of these and I was never cold again. For that season at least.

Seriously though, these silk undies are key for keeping your temperature at a toasty 98 degrees.

Okay, so that's my story.

I'm cold again NOW though, and I don't have my parents credit card anymore because I'm no longer in college and I have a job now. My silk undies are gone because nobody leaves college with the same clothes they went with.

That said, I need your help. HOW DO I STAY WARM? I am hijacking this Open Thread for your advice. What type of teas? What type of blankets? Long underwear? I need to know or I seriously may die. Or call my mom again, and she is totally over me.