OPEN THREAD: How Do You Dress Festively And Express Your Holiday Joy In A Classy And Chic Manner?

It takes everything in my power to avoid unironically wearing Christmas sweaters every day this time of year.
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December 19, 2013
open thread, holidays

Yesterday Emily 'grammed this photo of me and my metal Christmas bow studs, and her Insta-fans went rabid for my classy, "surprisingly adorable" earrings. They "need(ed) more info!" and "O.o" among other insanely flattering compliments.

I'm proud of my mom for selecting these earrings -- they're subtle, but obviously Yule-y enough that everyone notices them this time of year. I love, love, love Christmas and despite how stressful and wallet-draining this time of year is (not can be, is), I love the music, presents, decorations, cookies, parties, dressing-up... all of it. My urge to come to the office earnestly dressed in reindeer ears and a Santa Claus sweater is almost instinctual, I swear. Yet. I resist. And I try find ways to express my joy while still maintaing an air of professionalism and chicness.

But I need more advice, because I'm about to mess with green eyeshadow paired with a red lip -- my heart is telling my yes, but my head is screaming no.

SO TELL ME: How do you subtly dress yourself and decorate your home to celebrate the season?