OPEN THREAD: Gabi of Fatkini Gallery Fame Is Launching A Swimsuit Capsule Collection And IT IS EYE-BREAKINGLY MAGNIFICENT

There's a high-waisted galaxy-print bikini, for one. Also Gabi is very pretty, but that is nothing new.
Publish date:
May 2, 2013
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You probably remember a gallery of brazen and awesome fat broads in swimwear that we published here on xoJane last year. I am talking about FATKINI SPLENDOR. It was kiiiiind of a big deal. Because apparently fat women wearing swimwear without screaming or apologizing or trying to quickly bury themselves in sand is an impressive and unusual thing.

I mean, it is to everyone else. Those of you reading this already know better.

Yeah, so today's open thread is basically one big excuse to show you some magnificent pictures from Gabi Gregg's new swimwear capsule collection, created in collaboration with massive online swimwear superstore Swimsuits For All. The collection features, among other amazingnesses, a GALAXY-PRINT HIGH-WAISTED BIKINI.

Gabi's five-piece collection will launch on the site on May 15 and PREDICTION TIME: it'll probably sell out shortly thereafter, because that is how the fatkini-favoring fatties roll. Roll. Get it? Roll? I'm going to get fired.

Said collection will be available in sizes 10-24 and with prices ranging from $49 to $99.

You can see ALL the hotness when the collection officially launches on May 15.

Until then, do you love this? Have you bought any swimwear yet this season? Are you on the bikini train already? Should we put together another all-bodies-welcome swimsuit gallery this year? Would you participate?

And to the person who's inevitably gonna complain UGH I'M SO BORED WITH GALAXY PRINT I'm going to counter WAY TO HATE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE THERE EEYORE.