OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Swapper's Delight

What's better than buying new clothes? TRADING for new clothes!
Publish date:
June 26, 2015
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I've always enjoyed passing things along when I have no use for them. I frequently donate unused goods to local thrift stores, but where I truly excel in giving stuff away is in the department of beauty products.

I've been a beauty writer for four years now, and while the novelty of getting to try new products has yet to wear off, I simply don't have the room to store all the products I'm given to try, and so my friends and family luck out, getting once- or never-used beauty products passed on to them as a "Thanks!" for being such great pals.

While I do monthly purges of my products, my friend Laura chose this week to do a huge clean-out of her wardrobe, and to my delight, I got first dibs on the castoffs. Since we have such similar style, I couldn't have been happier.

In exchange for some beauty products and dinner, I took home a few dresses, a vintage skirt, a Fred Perry polo, a swimsuit and a fur hat for those not-so-distant Canadian winters.

Do you ever swap clothes with friends? Have you ever organized a clothing swap?

I'm thinking I need to take this swapping to the next level and have a big ol' party.

While you mull this swappy goodness over, let's look at last week's outfit all-stars to get your sartorial gears turning.

I absolutely loved Al Dente or Die's outfit, self-described as "James Dean and his prom date rolled into one." The blue of that dress is gorgeous, and I love the subtle accent of the gold bangle.

Keeping in the beautiful bright hue vein, I really dug kemacr5's orange ensemble. Orange blazer (with gold buttons, of course) + orange lipstick = winning combo. Now I want a dang orange.

Now it's your turn to show off your outfits. Whether they were culled together with pieces swapped from friends, or they showcase gorgeous, bright colours like the ones above, I'm ready to see 'em. Let's head into the weekend on a stylish note, shall we?