The Ones That Got Away: Ghost In A Sweater

For 7 years I've thought of this Miu Miu sweater; will I get a happy ending?
Publish date:
May 19, 2011
miu miu, sweaters, ebay, spring 2004, the ones that got away

In 2004, I was going to college in Philadelphia and completely removed from the world of designer clothes. Not that it stopped me from paying attention, of course, and that spring I became obsessed with Miu Miu's collection. It made me think of a weird teen girl that's really into wood faeries but still has tomboyish tendencies. The piece-de-resistance was an awesome short sleeved sweater with a sad-faced ghost on the front. I needed it.

I never got it, but I never forgot about it either. Then last week while doing my nightly eBay searches, it happened. Someone was selling it. And even better it was my size and had an initial bid of under 50 dollars. BINGO!

Then of course, the sale ended and I forgot to bid on it.

But something somewhere smiled down on me; the item didn't sell and was shortly relisted. This time I didn't sleep on it and managed to make it mine.

Brown and mint? Yessir. Worn with my new favorite jeans from Diesel.

And now I'm wearing it! I already know that I'm going to live in it this summer. What are your clothing items that got away? Tell me about it.