OLIVIA IS MY MUSE! Here's How to Dress Like Her

Does anyone know what to wear when it's this hot outside!?
Publish date:
July 12, 2012
boots, summer, olivia, office dressing, white shirt, skirt

Olivia world.

How many times can I write about Olivia -- who loathes being photographed -- in one week? It remains to be seen! Today I would like to call attention to her well-played heat-wave-friendly ensemble. While the look up top is decidedly bare, Olivia's black booties create a sense of balance and office-appropriateness. She also proves you don't have to give up wearing black during the summer.

Bizarro Olivia.

Metropark Sleeveless Button down, $52: Sleeveless button-downs: professional in the front, playful at the sides. Can't you just feel the breeze filling your top like a sail and cooling you down? I can.

H&M Skirt, $6: "Six dollars for a miniskirt?! I could make this myself!" Stoppit you guys, this IS worth the price of a Manhattan deli Kombucha.

59 Seconds Glasses, $16: Yes, Olivia lives in Williamsburg, but don't judge. Her lenses are corrective.

Forever 21 Faux Suede Booties, $30: I love the way a substantial bootie like Olivia's can transform even a bikini into work attire. Maybe that's a stretch.

What are you wearing in this weather? Send me pictures. I want to see!