5 Items Of Clothing That Help Me Feel Like I'm Actually An Adult Now

I want to give myself a more structured, classy look that complements my same ol' familiar style.
Publish date:
November 6, 2014
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For the past five years or so, my wardrobe has basically consisted of band tees, skinny jeans, oversized sweaters and sneakers. However, since I’m graduating college soon (*raised hands in the air emoji*), at this transitional stage of my life I feel my wardrobe needs some transitioning, too.

I’m still young, but since I’ll be entering the real world and a more professional work environment (hopefully) pretty soon, I feel like I need to change up my everyday look just a tad to make the college-to-career transition a little easier. I want to give myself a more structured, classy look that complements my same ol' familiar style.

Recently, I’ve added a few key pieces to my wardrobe to update my look. These pieces pair great with the casual style I know and love, and they also work well together to create more professional, adult-like looks.


Blazers are what I immediately picture when I think of structure. I’ve always loved the idea of blazers and how they look on other people, but I was never quite able to pull it off myself.

Recently, I found a looser fitting cotton blazer that I adore. The fit still adds structure, but the material is super-soft and comfy, which is more my style. I can easily throw it on over my favorite tee, or if needed, pair it with a button-down and pencil skirt.

Black Jeans

I grew up going to a school where wearing jeans was only allowed on Fridays, so I spent the majority of my young life in khakis. Needless to say, I haven’t worn a pair of not-jeans since high school.

I don’t know how to wear real pants, and I am not making myself until I have to. SO, jeans it is.

In my opinion, the darker the denim, the nicer the jeans look. Black jeans can give the appearance of a nice pant and pair perfectly with fancy blouses for a dressier look, while still having the familiar feel of your favorite pair of denim.

Pencil Skirts

Since all of the skirts I own are either too-short minis or flowy maxis, a fitted mid-length pencil skirt is an easy transition piece. The straight narrow cut automatically brings structure to any outfit. While I usually tend to think of pencil skirts for more professional/dressy occasions, I love the idea of being able to dress them down with a basic sweater or tee.

The longer length of these pencil skirts is classier than a mini-skirt, but the silhouette is still fun and womanly.

White Button-Downs

Until now, the only button-downs I’ve ever owned have been my dad’s old oversized ones. A more fitted style looks more structured, so I have just invested in a better-fitting lace one. A plain white button-up was too simple for me, so I tried to look for one that offered a little something extra, like a scalloped color or fun buttons.

This piece will truly remain relevant forever. It can easily be paired with jeans and sneakers for a more casual look, or under a blazer or sweater, tucked into a high-waisted skirt for a more structured look. The possibilities are endless.

Neutral Flats

Neutral flats are a no-brainer for any wardrobe. To me, pointy-toed flats bring more structure to an outfit than simple ballet flats. A nice, comfortable pair that can go with every outfit is worth investing in.

What do y’all think, 20-somethings? Any-age-somethings? What are your must-have wardrobe staples for feeling grown-up?