Obsessed With the First Lady Like Moi? Get Her Inaugural Look

Michelle Obama can do NO WRONG. And I want to be just like her when I grow up.
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January 23, 2013
Michelle Obama, FLOTUS, killing em, inauguration

I'm not sure if you heard but earlier this week the president was like inaugurated and junk. It was sort of a big deal and I was right up in there witnessing all the history and peaceful transfer of power and stuff. It was amaze, of course. But, also of course, all I could really focus on besides my toes (which were on the brink of extinction) was how absolutely stunning my first lady is.

Meesh (because in my world Michelle Obama and I are best friends who call each other by our coolness code names) can do no wrong in my eyes style-wise and Monday's ceremonial swearing-in was no different. Some people might think it a little Mad Man-ish and anti-feminist that the public fawns over Mrs. Obama's sartorial choices so much.

Let her heal the world! they say. Stop talking about her arms! they cry. What she wears doesn't matter! they protest.

But I'm here to submit that witnessing how impossibly chic this intelligent woman is lifts me up like a kite. When she walked down the capitol steps to take her place next to her husband, the mass of people surrounding me on the National Mall collectively sucked in their breath like they'd been punched right in the gut.

"My First Lady lady is killing the game," I yelled at the Jumbotron and everyone (and I mean everyone) agreed with me.

She was beautiful and statuesque and elegant and everything. Taking note of this doesn't diminish the fact that she's also accomplished in her career and a fully realized woman. It underscores those indelible facts. And I won't dive into the dissertation-length debate on the racial divisions and socio-economic history attached to the various feminist waves many of us surf through.

But I'll just say that it is radical and revolutionary for a woman of color to be allowed to have the privilege of choice to take a break from her career and care for her children. The end.

So in keeping with my overall life theme of being obsessed with Michelle Obama, I am now stuffing my closet with some of her more iconic outfits in the hopes that some of her awesome will rub off on me.

Actually, the more likely outcome is that I'll see her out and about in DC one day and she'll go, "Hey, girl, I have a jacket just like that at home!" And I'll go, "For reals? I've had this forever." And Meesh'll be all, "You've got great taste, girl, come move into the White House and be the Official Best Friend of the United States. The end."

Here's what I'm coveting:

Michelle is all about vintagey pieces. And this year I think she's taking it a step further and going for more of a modern feminine shape enhanced by very structural (i.e., very expertly tailored) pieces. The silk navy-colored Thom Browne coat she wore on Monday was custom, natch. But these purple royal family options remind me of her highness. From left to right: Asos Jacquard Belted Coat ($89.45), Asos Jacquard Dolly Coat ($110.50), Via Spiga Novara Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat, ($187.20).

Reminder when Condi Rice wore boots to an official thingy and the entire international community went nuts? My how times have changed. Now the FLOTUS can kick off her traditional kitten heels and pull on some Reed Krakoff knee-highs like it ain't no thing. Alas, I don't have a stone cold G to drop on footwear so these boot options will have to do. From left to right: Sam Edelman Empire Suede Boots ($157.50), DVF Dalad Tall Boots ($495.00 and therefore aspirational), BCBG Neptune Suede Boots ($319.99).

Staying loyal to the brands she loves, Mrs. Obama added a bejeweled J. Crew belt to throw some icing on the cake. It'd be pretty easy to just DIY one of these bad boys as opposed to paying nearly $300 for a ribbon with rhinestones but for the lazy girl in all of us here are my picks. From top to bottom: Etsy Platinum Bridal Sash ($110), Etsy Jeweled Bridal Belt ($95.00), Fashion Focus Silver Leather Jeweled Buckle Belt ($29.00).

Itching to give your man a terrorist fist jab? Do that shit in style with these. Clockwise from top left: Ralph Lauren Sheepskin Gloves ($52.99), Dsquarded2 Gloves ($160.00), Lord & Taylor Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves ($60.20).

Now, obviously, I have my own style. It's just that Michelle Obama makes it so damn hard not to want to be her, even if it's only for that brief moment when I pull on my new Michelle-approved purple gloves and think, "Oh yeah, I got this."