Obsessed With: The Quirky Suit

PS: I hate the word "quirky."
Publish date:
August 25, 2011
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Herringbone Print Pyjama Blazer $103.43 and Peg Pants $68.96, ASOS

I've been obsessing over this suit on ASOS for a few weeks now. I know that many people probably feel like, "Suits! UGH I can't wait to get out of mine every day when I get home from work," but I've never had such a job. To me they are still exotic attire.

So I love them and relish every opportunity I get to wear them, like senior year in high school when I traveled to D.C. for the Model United Nations competition. My mom bought me this incredible suit at Banana Republic, navy with a slight sheen that made it look like "fancy denim." I felt awesome wearing it (and my teammate and I took 3rd place in our category, if you're curious).

But this suit is not a stuffy business suit, it is a FUN suit! With a cool herrinbgone print that's classic and yet kinda ridiculous at the same time. The jacket's easy slouchy shape and pockets are a great pairing to the slim but slouchy trousers that go with it (a pair of shorts is also available!) I don't currently own a suit, so I know I would get a lot of wear out of it, and yet a part of me is still kinda wary of taking the plunge and buying it.

I should just do it, right? I look forward to your encouraging comments below.