OBSESSED WITH: Marc by Marc Jacobs BAMBI Pendant Necklace!!!

You guys know I live and die for all things Bambi! Here's my latest must-have-or-I'll-puke.
Publish date:
September 6, 2011
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OK, we all remember that I am absurdly obsessed with that little prince (yes, it's a boy) of the enchanted forest otherwise known as BAMBI, correct?

(If you need reminding, please check out this article I wrote about Bambi nails. Or this article I wrote, about the best Bambi sweatshirt. Or this article with a picture featuring the Bambi poster that I have hung over my bed.)

Yessir, it is a sickness, and I don't wanna be cured! It's just like my recreational drug abuse problem. HAHAHA -- are we sick of those kinds of jokes yet? I never am!

Back to Bambi. This gorgeous dangly piece of fawn-iosity comes courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs. Here it is closer up:

The necklace is $58 (it's official name is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Rainbow Doe Pendant Necklace), which is a good price for a necklace. I tend to buy disgusting $10 things on the street that give me unsexy neck and throat rashes, so it's about damn time I dropped as much money on something that will not make me mottled and covered with scabs.

There is also a $32 brass Rainbow Doe pin:

It's wildly cute and sweet! I love them both. Do you? And what kind of BAMBI merch should I be on the hunt for next? xo