Obsessed With: Loose Knit Sweaters

I know I shouldn't be thinking about sweaters, but they're like mesh! That's summery, right?

Carrie Crochet Sweater $69.99, J.Crew

Ever since I ran across this sale J.Crew sweater a few weeks ago, I've been kinda obsessed with crochet sweaters and tops in general. The hard part has been finding ones that aren't too weirdly "LA-hippie-party-girl" and are more just "sweaters with big holes." I love the color and square weave of this sweater, but hate that it's called the "Carrie" sweater because it makes me feel like I'm buying Sex & The City merchandise. (I wonder if that's why they didn't sell?) The sweater also comes in black, but I'm much more into this peachy-tan color because it's more weather-appropriate.

Neon Yellow Net Top $79, Pixie Market

I've found a few other open-weave sweaters that are making me weak in the knees. A sleeveless neon yellow version seems totally out of wack with everything else that's in my closet, but perhaps that's why I'm into it so much? It would be perfect with all my black skirts and dark blue jeans, sure, but imagine the obnoxious possibilities were I to pair it with my most favorite mint green Diesel jeans. I'd be a walking eyesore, blinding everyone in my path! (And that's a great thing.)

Staring at Stars Shadow Stripe Pullover $59, Urban Outfitters

And if those weren't enough to start inflicting some major damage to my wallet, I come across this super rad striped version. You guys know I love striped ANYTHING and the rusty color seems like a perfect match for all those weird peach-tan things that I'm so into (see above sweater). I know these are all breezy tops, but I probably won't be able to bite the bullet until at least September when the weather starts chilling out a bit. I just can't fathom wearing anything called "a sweater" in this god-forsaken heat.