OBSESSED WITH: Bambi Fashion! And By Fashion I Mean the Best $128 Sweatshirt Ever

I TOTALLY just bought this online and so should you!
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July 29, 2011
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OMIGGODDDD, you guys. You all know how I’m crazy ridiculously obsessed with BAMBI? YES, Bambi! See, I even have this poster above my bed, right next to my amazing Justin Bieber poster (and that’s a Phil Collins [the artist] Britney–Spears-with-with-gold-fronts-wearing-her-Elvis-costume Artforum cover in there, too, bitches!)

I am wearing sunglasses in that picture because I am hungover on a new medication called Trazadone that is knocking the friggin’ life out of me! It’s for my depressive episodes and it’s sort of, thus far, a TrazaDON’T.

Shiz is knocking me the f*&% out! Though it’s working to calm me down a bit and make me sleep and be a regular person instead of a hard-partying little fruit bat. And then I’m way too late with my stories and Emily wants to kill me. Sorry, Emily. I lovez you.

Anyway, I’m sitting on my bed thinking about BAMBI. Bambi, I love you! My Bambi obsession is so intense that everyone – everyone – in the xojane.com office knows that I’m obsessed with him.

Yes, him. FACT: Did you know that Bambi is a boy? He is! The prince of the enchanted forest, according to his Wikipedia page. He’s a Pan! Like the Peter Pan archetype: puerile. That’s Latin, bitches. Bambi will never grow up (in my head!), and it sounds sort of like someone we know (duh, that would be ME.)

Okay, anyway, the point of this post – which I am writing RAWTHER quickly as I have to go to the Plaza hotel and meet Rachel Zoe and talk about her new beauty line (do you DIE?! DO. YOU. DIE. I die!) – is that after I spoke about Bambi way too many weird, non sequitur-ish times in staff meetings, my girl Laia looked me out and found me the dopest Bambi fashion imaginable.

Okay, not THE best Bambi fashion available – Lily Allen wore THAT dress, with hot pink f&%king hair like a queen; GOD, do you love it?! – anyway, the best Bambi fashion available to ME is this HOT HOT HOT Disney by Patterson J. Kincaid Baby Bambi Sweatshirt:

It runs small and cropped, so I just bought the large to sort of stretch out and wear off one shoulder like that. Do you love or do you love? I know you love it.

Is anyone else obsessed with Disney like I am? Which characters? Let’s go.