OBSESSED WITH: Ultra-Luxe Tribal Punk Earrings

And piercings in general! I want loads more right now, like a rebellious teenager.

Just for the record, I had something really good and funny to lead this article with, but Cat made me take it out twice -- in fairness to her, I did put it back in after I was told to remove it -- so SHE could write about it later. So if you think this story is boring, it's her fault.

With that said, let's move on!

I was just in London and was so inspired by all the punkiness there that I've been thinking about getting some more piercings -- like a rebellious teenager. Something about it just feels fresh!

Right now, I'm craving an earful of new accessories, particularly ones with action on both sides of the lobe that give the illusion of gauges without any actual stretching. I love the idea of using these really aggressive, almost tribal pieces to punctuate an otherwise understated look.

I know it's sale season and these earrings are all full price, but they may never go on sale, so it's fine, right? Check out my favorites:

Pamela Love, Eagle Claw Earrings, $460: I want everything Pamela Love and these guys are no exception. The little nub sits on top of the earlobe, while the dangling claw curves down behind. How gorgeous would these look with hair pulled back and minimal makeup?

Genevieve Jones, Harvest Moon Safety Pin Earrings: $275: These tiny safety pins hug earlobes and actually look very delicate and subtle. I'd totally wear them side by side.

Topshop, Tunnel Earrings, $12: If you live near a Topshop, there are even better options in store like these crazy panther earrings I picked up a few days ago that look like they're actually jumping through your earlobes! Made Her Think, Tear Tusk Posts, $265: These asymmetrical earrings are the perfect balance of badass and feminine. Need!

Pamela Love, Porcupine Stud Earring, $103: More Pamela Love I couldn't resist. This double-sided spike creates the illusion of a single post poking through the ear. I'd wear it paired with a few dainty little studs.

Are you down with aggressive adornment?