Tools Of The Trade: The Oversize Bag I Can Fit Myself In

It's like having your own personal car trunk (sans car).
Publish date:
June 6, 2011
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It's possible this bag weighs more than half my weight.

When I am not sitting on a computer typing away about wearing pajamas outside or palazzo pants invading my brain, I am a stylist assistant. Today that meant I had to run around to designers' showrooms all over the city to pick up the samples for a magazine shoot. This is where the bag comes in. It's big enough to fit me inside. Yeah, I've tried. See?

This bag is my best friend as I run from place to place picking up massive garment bags and shopping bags with jewels. Ok, I'm not really running, but walking and taking the train surely takes a toll on your strength and ability to carry multiple things at once (cabs apparently don't care to stop and pick me up).

Large Bleach Denim Tote Bag $97.60, OAK.

Inside the black bag above: Three garment bags containing clothes and shoes as well as two smaller bags containing jewelry. NO LIE! The black version is better for covering up dirt and stuff, but the bleach denim one is so cute!

Basically what I'm telling you is that if you have a job (or a life) that requires you carry a ton of crap around without the aid of a car to leave stuff it in then you NEED this bag in your life. It also works great as a laundry bag. I mean, you can carry babies in that thing. It's the number one thing in my life right now because manalive it makes everything so much easier!