Now Trending: Anatomical Underthings for Flaunting Your Private Parts on Instagram

Here’s a trend to take your exhibitionism on Instagram to a new level before Labor Day.
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July 22, 2014
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Here’s a trend to take your exhibitionism on Instagram to a new level before Labor Day: Anatomical clothing.

We’re talking about the ironic swimwear and underwear featuring all manner of internal organs, nipples and cervixes. It’s not quite new, but several of these anatomy pieces have been scoring some national buzz this summer, proving it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Who would gasp a girl who dares to show off some skin, when there are women showing off internal organs. Heidi Klum can’t really be called an early adopter because when she freaked everyone out by turning into a living Bodies exhibit for Halloween, that was a costume.

It’s a trend that’s reserved for the people who are truly comfortable with themselves. Not comfortable like “I just bought a Groupon subscription to hot yoga” or a mirror that says “hey gorgeous.” Comfortable like, when that guy in Scream was all “I want to see what your insides look like,” you were like, “k.”

Your first reaction to the Black Milk Clothing Dem Guts bathing suit, with its twisting coils of stomach lining and the fraying synapses of the circulatory system, was probably, “yuck,” and you weren’t alone. So if that one makes you feel the urge to ask for a pass to the nurse, there are alternatives.

If your friends don’t have the intestinal fortitude to deal with stomach lining one-pieces, then you can join the Free the Nipple movement with the Ta Ta Top. It’s a triangle bikini featuring two pink nipples that from a distance, look really real. It’s a way of committing to the message, without giving everyone the viewing pleasure of your nips. Suki Waterhouse is a fan.

Free the nipple.

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Most recently in the effort to give regular Joe’s the view of a lucky coroner, there are underthings to help develop our literacy in female anatomy. They’re informative, even if they look a little scary. These are more compelling as a statement, but the only problem is that not everyone sees you in your underwear. Every person counts though. This is how you can start showing a few people, or whoever gets into your knickers, what’s on the inside. Fuck your true blue character — put your fallopian tubes in someone’s face with these.

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