How To Wear A Black Skirt This Fall (In a Way That's Totally Non-Boring)

Black skirts are a year-round basic, but that doesn't mean they have to look basic, right?
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September 4, 2014
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When you hear "black skirt," I highly doubt you think "fun," right? I mean, as far as pieces of clothing go, black skirts are pretty basic in general, especially those of the pencil variety.

But guess what? That plain black tube of fabric doesn't have to be limited to the office, formal functions or that restaurant job you hate working every Saturday night. Black skirts can be fun and cute and worn any time of day!

I'm not a huge fan of black clothing, but even I can't deny the versatility of black basics, and I don't know if I could get dressed day-to-day without a good plain black skirt. I've had the same basic cotton version for about five years, and though it has seen its fair share of formal activities, I've also worn is as a layering piece under sheers, as a weird tube top (don't judge!) and with all sorts of casual and dressy outfits that aren't a total snooze fest.

What are you waiting for? Get those black skirts out from under your blazers and dress shirts and into the world!

Here are some of my favourite looks of the moment:

Shearling is all the rage this fall, and I love how it brings a little bit of country to whatever I wear here in the big city. Because it's still quite warm out, I paired my vest with bare legs and a cropped tank, but this outfit would just as easily work with a long sleeve and tights in the colder months.

Heading out to the bar with girlfriends to pick up? If your skirt is stretchy like mine, it will be easy to roll it up and show a bit more skin (if you so desire). I love pairing my high-waisted black skirt with tight crop tops for an almost bodycon dress-like effect, and of course it wouldn't be an Alyssa post without a statement necklace and pink accents somewhere!

If I had to sum up this look I think I'd call it "New York blogger at a coffee shop." It's simple and casual, but looks a bit edgy with the help of the wide brimmed hat and leather jacket. Heels and a big necklace instantly transform this look from day to night, making it the perfect ensemble for travel or long busy days.

Don't have a black skirt? Why not!? Go get one!

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