How to Wear Stripper Heels Everywhere

Regardless of what others think, I wear sky-high pumps everywhere because they make me feel on top of the world!
Publish date:
December 31, 2014
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Working at a magazine in Manhattan usually means late nights, which results in drinks and dinner starting late. It’s cool with me, though, because I love New York City nightlife and am definitely not a morning person. Thankfully living a couple blocks from the subway station makes my trip home super easy. Y’all are probably like, cool story . . . . Well, I also live by a strip club and passing by it on my way home inspired me to write this.

Honestly, it isn’t your average spot. It’s a steakhouse too, giving it more of a high-end feel. I actually like that the club is a part of my walk home. From strictly a style perspective, I love seeing the businessmen and a smattering of women roll up in their limos and glam outfits. The number of designer suits, Chanel handbags, and pairs of Christian Louboutins hanging around there! Even the strippers themselves have Burberry trench coats!

But we all know the jackets aren’t my favorite part -- the strippers’ shoes are what amaze me! I mean I thought my heels were high. I find platform shoes extremely comfortable, so I have absolutely no problem keeping up, but I’m not sure I can rock six-inch heels every night. I decided to give it a try. Being the heel fanatic that I am, I was surprised that most of my pumps were only around four to five inches. Then again, it’s not normal to walk around with skyscrapers on your feet.

My first look came from my closet and is now featured on my recently launched blog called Plus Street Petite. The all-white ensemble allows the focus to be on my Talisa heels from Shoe Dazzle. Snakeskin is my new black. It is more elegant and upscale than other animal prints. Let’s face it, cheetah print doesn’t exactly scream lux. Don’t get me wrong, the shoes have the potential to look cheap. The trick is to not over power it. Let it be the focal point of your outfit, otherwise there will be too much going on.

With the weather, my next option had to be black Jeffrey Campbell knee-high boots from Nasty Gal. The strippers need to bundle up for heading home from the club. To casually blend in with the rest of the black boots in daylight and avoid judgmental stares, pair the shoes with a conservative oversize turtleneck sweater. Like this one from Zara! Keep it clean and simple with faux leather leggings, a statement necklace, and a pastel clutch.

If you’re still looking for a super last-minute New Year’s Eve look, here are a couple party shoes for inspiration. You will be on top of the world if you walk in with either of these pairs or for me, at least eye level. Christian Louboutin makes a sky-high pair of patent pumps and are definitely worth the investment.

If I had a pair for the night, I would go all out in a designer bandage dress. Someday! The more realistic option is Shoe Cult’s Party Hard glitter platform shoes. The pastel on pastel gets me. To highlight the blush glitter detail, I’d wear it with a complimenting car coat in a similar color and a light baby doll, flared dress for a fun, flirty feel.

To counter the clear heel stereotype, I love these lace-up booties from Daily Look. The transparency of the shoe makes for a bold alternative, but goes with just about everything. A pair of skinny jeans, a duster jacket, and a chunky knit sweater bring the outfit together. Add a trendy bucket bag for a finishing touch!

Some may believe a six-inch heel or higher equates to scandalous behavior. For me, it’s the exact opposite. It obviously takes some getting used to, but I feel more empowered and confident when strutting in high heels. I understand if six inches is pushing it, but I think every girl should experience the self-assurance in a pair of pumps.

What "risque" pieces in your wardrobe empower you?