OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: New Year, New(-ish) Clothes

New-to-me, unique pieces are the perfect accessories for a fresh start.
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January 9, 2015
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There are a lot of things that help enforce that "fresh start" feeling when the new year begins. For some people, it's a new wall calendar or pocket agenda, for others it's a gym membership. For me, it's buying clothes that I know I will wear throughout the months ahead.

Such was the case this past week when I decided to have a look in a nearby vintage store and stumbled across the coolest spring jacket, a few-decades-old Sonia Rykiel piece with giant pockets embellished with huge gold buttons. It had multiple characteristics that drew me to it: pockets (!), military detailing (little shoulder epaulets), a mod vibe, a tomato-red hue, and those shiny buttons because, well, I'm a magpie.

It was on sale, and I had to have it. I could just picture myself throwing it on during those first warm days of Spring and knew I could plan a dozen outfits around it. Not buying it would be directly crushing the dreams of future-me and destroying any possibility of jacket-induced adventures, right?

I also ended up picking up a vintage Who T-shirt, which is perfectly soft and worn-in and fits in with #91 on my list of New Year's resolutions: more vintage T-shirts. Between these two purchases, I'm clearly well on my way to accomplishing all of my goals for this year.

Now, let's check in with you stylish folks!

Since I'm currently thrilled with the feeling of a warm laptop on my thighs as an escape from the disgustingly freezing winds outside, I've picked a delightfully cozy winter look. Though kemacr5 says the weather in Anchorage is miserable (I believe you!), she manages to look fabulous in a nubby wool coat, sparkly jewels and shiny patent loafers.

I also loved the stay-warm simplicity of the look posted by xo's own Kara, who paired a cream textured sweater with a fluffy fur hat, a look I could see myself re-creating any day of the week.

  • What have you been wearing since this new year began?
  • What do you want to wear this year?
  • Any style resolutions?