Welcome To Your Brand New Outfit Of The Week Column!

Are you ready to show me your outfits? Because I'm ready to see 'em.
Publish date:
July 25, 2014
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Hey guys! It's me, Hannah. I'm the new gatekeeper of the Outfit of the Week column, if you missed the announcement. How's it going? Is your Friday treating you well? That's cool. But let's be honest, we're here to talk about clothes.

I'm really excited to be heading up this column for you guys. Even though I've worked for xoJane since day 1, I've always enjoyed being a reader and seeing the comments on these posts because it helps put stylish faces to the names. There's no better representation of how diverse and unique you guys are than the photos you post here week after week. Some of you are students, some of you have office jobs (where you dress mega-cute but still keep it professional), others are stay-at-home moms who mix casual and quirky, and there's a little bit of everything in between to catch my eye.

Personally, I'm a post-grad freelancer, which could easily mean that my personal style is "T-shirt and underwear while I sit at my desk." Which ... is what I'm wearing right now. Whoops. But because of my working-from-home lifestyle, I feel even more inclined to dress up and really go for it when I head out. Every day I run errands and even if I'm just going to pick up coffee creamer or make a deposit at the bank, I still want to look cute. You never know who you're going to run into! Our sometimes columnist Dita Von Teese is an advocate of everyday glamour, and while I don't always go all-out, I want the world to know I put in the effort. It makes me feel good.

Now, remember up top when I wrote about little bits of everything that catch my eye? Such was the case when reader Boba Fête posted this photo of herself wearing a "Rocko's Modern Life" tee (with the sleeves snipped off, something I've found myself doing many a time).

Of course, the shirt is fantastic (have any of you watched that show back as adults? It's filthy), but can we talk about those nails? And those rings? I'm a freak for little details, and that shade of cobalt blue is killing it. And judging by the upvotes, y'all were into the look too. Keep up the good work, Boba.

So now I look to you folks for inspiration. I want to see some unique twists on everyday ensembles, and I really want to see little details. Show me your weird jewelry, your patterned socks, your favourite scarf. I love seeing personal style coming from all directions. Dazzle me, you fantastic creatures! Let's do this thing.