OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: I've Got A Large (Nail) Wardrobe

In my world, nail art has become just as much of a style essential as shoes or jewelry.
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June 14, 2015
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Yes, I started out at xoJane as a beauty writer, and I continue to write beauty stories for our sister site, xoVain, but when it comes to painting my nails, I am a beauty failure. I just hate it. It's time-consuming and frustrating, and given the choice between giving myself a precious at-home manicure or having bare nails, I would choose the latter.

That's why my lazy self loves press-on nails, particularly the Kiss imPRESS press-ons. They come in the cutest, trendiest patterns or even just plain-old solids, and they're easy as all get-out to apply. Plus, I count these guys as accessories just as much as I do beauty products. After all, I'm all about the little details in an outfit, so cute nails are just as important as a great ring or some fun patterned socks.

Have you ever matched your nails to your outfit? And what are your favourite little ways to accessorize? I've also become obsessed with lots of little mismatched earrings, which means I need to get more piercings -- MORE!

Now for a bit of inspiration: my favourite outfits you posted last week. There's a bit of a denim theme here, starting with Dana Scully's pale blue denim jacket paired with stripes, skinnies, Nikes, and a very cool, chunky necklace from Forever21 (10 bucks!) This outfit is casual but polished, and I can totally see myself wearing something similar to work.

Also on that denim tip was our Emily in a cute outfit she wore to take her adorable son to the zoo. The vest and the floral dress seem to perfectly match her tattoos, don't they? I'm into it!

What have you been wearing this week? Show me in the comments! The weather has been so gross, humid, rainy and altogether BLAH here, which has been putting a damper on my own dressing, but I'm eager to see the fun sartorial concoctions you've all put together!