My Expert Guide to Luscious Loungewear

Believe me, what I don’t know about lounging, chilling out, maxing relaxing – call it what you will - just ain’t worth knowing.
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December 19, 2012
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Obviously I have an incredibly (INCREDIBLY!) busy work and personal life (as I’m sure you’ve all noticed), but when I’m not painting the town red or busting balls (I’ll let you decide which is work and which is play) I’m a pretty expert lounger. Oh yes my friends – I can lounge with the best of them; the students, the scroungers, the downright lazy oafs have nothing on me.

Believe me, what I don’t know about lounging, chilling out, maxing relaxing – call it what you will - just ain’t worth knowing. With the Christmas holidays now just days away I know a lot of you 9-5ers are looking forward to some well-earned rest.

The thing is it’s not going to be as easy as you anticipate. Yes you can clear your diaries, switch your phones off, send the kids to your parents, but still, that lazy lounging utopia of which you dream will elude you.

And why? Because you’ll still be dressed like you have shit to do. Yes, your mind will be saying chillax, but your clothes will be saying get up and go. You see what most people don’t understand is this; as with any leisure activity, lounging has its own specific clothing requirements.

When you go running you wear extra bouncy trainers; when you play a game of tennis you make sure you’re wearing a skirt that shows your butt-cheeks when you lift your arms in the air, and when it comes to lounging you’re a fool if you hit the sofa in anything other than an outfit that is scientifically designed to help you achieve your maximum snuggliness.

Luckily for you loungewear is one of my specialities, so stick the kettle on, fix yaself a cup of tea and take note my friends…

Lounging is all about minimum effort, maximum results, so I’m keeping it nice and simple. Follow these 5 simple rules, and you’ll be Queen of the sofa:

1. The ideal loungewear is the 3 L’s: loose, layered and luxurious. Zips, tight waistbands, tailoring, buttons, belts, high necks, low backs, short skirts and hard-bottomed footwear need not apply.

2. Keep colours soft and muted, you don’t want anything bright or garish that will over stimulate or shock the senses. These clothes are for lazing not raving after all.

3. Loungewear is all about luxury (mooching round the house all day like the Queen of Sheba is a pretty luxurious pastime after all), so if you can afford it splash the cash and treat yourself to some cashmere and silk. Synthetic fabrics are generally a bad idea. Two words: sweaty crotch.

4. I tend to keep it simple and opt for block colours, but if you want to throw some patterns in there make sure they are sickeningly cutesy, kitsch or festive. Bonus points if they are all three.

5. If all else fails remember this: If it is nightwear too gloriously luxurious to sleep in or daywear so snuggly you don’t want to leave the house, it’s almost definitely loungewear.

So there you have it, it’s simple as 1, 2, 3…(4, 5). Here are a few of my favourite down-time pieces in the shops right now to get you started… Happy lounging!

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a loungewear expert? If so, what are your favourite pieces to slob around the house in? Have any of my edit taken your fancy? And finally, does anyone else insist on calling it loungIEwear? No? Just Phoebe? Thought so! *Told you so face*

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