My Current Wardrobe Looks Awfully Similar To My Childhood Wardrobe, And I Love It

These are the three pieces that look just as cute on grown-ups now as they did on kids in the ’90s.
Publish date:
August 14, 2014
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My mother has always told me that when it comes to fashion, “Everything repeats itself.” There were countless shopping trips sprinkled with her exclaiming phrases like, “I had a dress just like this in the ’70s!” and “We wore pants like those!” and “Oh my goodness, I cannot believe THESE are back!” You get the idea.

Old photos of my mother as a teenager prove that fashion does, indeed, repeat itself. I’ve never experienced this repetition, however, until very recently. Imagine my surprise, and complete glee, when I began seeing the same styles I once loved years ago, back in fashion.

I am a total child of the ’90s, and all my childhood memories include specific outfits I wore at the time. I may not remember what I was doing or whom I was with, but I can tell you the exact shoes I was wearing and where they were from. I’m not proclaiming anything new when I say ’90s fashion is pretty “in” right now, but everything I loved and wore as a child, I find myself wearing these days.


Overalls were my absolute favorite thing to wear when I was younger. I was a tomboy until my teens, so, they were the perfect piece that made both me and my mother (who was over the moon if I wore anything other than Umbro shorts) happy. My most beloved pair was sunflower printed denim. I’m still a sucker for sunflowers, and lucky for me, sunflower print is everywhere right now.

Currently, I have this simple cut-off denim pair that go with pretty much anything. My favorite way to wear them is with a flowy top or black-and-white striped crew tee.

There are so many different styles and patterns available, I truly believe there is a pair of overalls for everyone.

Floral Dresses

Maybe floral print is always in style, but the darker, grungier floral print is definitely ’90s-inspired. I hated dresses when I was younger, but when my poor mom, on the very rare occasion, bribed me to wear them, they were always long and floral.

Darker prints like these are my favorites to wear because they are the perfect mix of feminine and edgy. I feel like a punk-rock princess (OK, punk-rock kindergarten teacher or Elaine from "Seinfeld" in the long dress). I also love this particular style of floral print for its year-round wearability.

These pieces can easily transfer into any fall/winter wardrobe with simple black tights and a pair of booties.

Jelly Shoes

I owned one pair of jelly sandals when I was about seven years old, but sadly, I outgrew them in a single summer, so my relationship with jellies was pretty short-lived. I always dreamed of finding another pair of sweat-inducing plastic sandals, and my dreams came true last spring when I found the perfect pair.

Now jelly shoes of all kinds of styles are in every store. They’re the perfect rainy-day solution, a great alternative to clunky rainboots. Unlike other shoes made of leather or suede, these are pretty practical when you don’t want to worry about walking through mud or water. Walking through open flames would be the only thing that could damage these bad boys (please do not actually try that).

Do you have any favorite pieces from your childhood that you’ve seen in stores lately? Can a grown lady wear plastic shoes and get away with it?