Here Are The Answers to All of 2014's Most-Googled Fashion Questions

Millions asked -- I answered.

Ever wonder how, exactly, one is meant to wear a scarf? So did a lot of other folks, as it happens to be the #1 most-Googled fashion question of 2014.

2014's most pressing fashion questions are bog-standard stuff, but it's the year's most-Googled fashion designers that gives me cause for pause, as #1 (ahead of even Oscar De La Renta and Valentino Garavani!) is a person named Bethany Mota, known mainly for her YouTube "haul videos" and line of clothing at Aéropostale.

"How to wear a scarf" is kind of a trick question, as there's really no wrong way to wear one. I mean, a scarf is the single most versatile wardrobe item one can own! What else gives protection from too much sun just as handily as it protects you from cold, and can be used to look instantly more glam -- wherever you happen to find yourself?

The real answer to all of those most-Googled fashion questions is actually quite simple: Just wear whatever you want, however you want to. But millions of Googlers demanded answers, so here you go.

1. How to wear a scarf:

You can wear a silk scarf under your winter hat to keep your hair from being damaged, tie one on a handbag, watch this mesmerizing video (I'm partial to the "European Loop" myself), or check out these 5 clever ways to wear that Hermes scarf your grandmother gave you.

2. What to wear to a wedding:

This one's hard to screw up. As long as you don't wear white, and therefore show up the bride, you're 95% good. I'd personally make sure my dress was fingertip-length if the wedding takes place in a church or place of worship, but to each their own. If you're attending a wedding that takes place outdoors (as many Pinterest weddings do these days), either wear a pair of wedges or invest in a set of these heel protectors to keep your stilettos from sinking into grass or getting dinged up by gravel.

3. What to wear to an interview:

This is the most common fashion question I'm asked, and I always say the same thing: "It depends on what type of job you're applying for!" You can't go wrong with buttons and a collar in almost any setting, but if you're looking to make children laugh at birthday parties, you'd do well to learn your way around a pair of clown shoes. You'll absolutely never look wrong if you do some serious research on what people wear at the job you're applying for, and then dress one level nicer than that.

(Also, check out this rundown of what 13 people wore to an interview with Anna Wintour and consider yourself lucky to be interviewing with a mere mortal.)

4. What to wear on a first date:

Someone told me a long time ago that you literally can't say the wrong thing to the right person, and I'm inclined to think the same goes when dressing for a first date. Yes, we're all looking to make a great first impression, but it's just too much work to pretend to be someone you're not. I don't act like myself when I'm wearing something that's not me, so comfort is key to putting my best foot forward.

5. What to wear to a concert:

Flat, closed-toe shoes, a cross-body bag, and bike shorts under your skirt. The last thing you want at a rock show are crushed toes, a stolen purse, or worrying about your skirt flipping over your head while crowd surfing.

6. How to wear a beanie:

This is where all those Canadians chime in and call it a toque. Pay them no mind. You can wear your beanie low & slouchy or with a hole in back -- either way is hella cute.

7. What to wear with leggings:

It's probably best to wear leggings with a shirt that covers your bum, but millions of women disregard this advice daily and the earth still spins on its axis just fine. You really can't go wrong with a pair of these incredible non-sheer leggings by Zella and a shirt that covers your crotch.

Zella 'Live-In' reversible leggings, $52.00. Oversized plaid shirt by Thread & Supply, $34.95.

8. How to wear ankle boots:

Flat or heeled ankle boots rule when worn with cuffed boyfriend jeans, skater skirts, or with a midi-skirt to balance out the leg proportions. If you've been taught that those with shorter or sturdier legs shouldn't wear boots that cut them off at the ankle, you can rock your ankle boots with knee socks to ape the look of a knee-high boot without all the extra bulk.

9. How to wear a maxi skirt:

The coolest way to wear a maxi skirt is with it dragging the ground a bit in that louche, 1970s, Talitha Getty/Stevie Nicks sort of way. Wear your maxi-skirts with no underwear and flat jeweled sandals in the summer -- and with low-heeled boots and sweater tights for winter.

10. What color matches brown?

Black! There are some serious anti-black with brown truthers out there, but they are 100% dead wrong. There's maybe one outfit in history that doesn't look good with black shoes, and I've yet to find it. A black shoe just grounds an outfit in a way no "matching" shoe can. I humbly submit exhibit A, and rest my case:

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