None of this stuff is at all related in any way, but it sure is cool.

Sometimes I don’t have any particularly salient points to make about any one topic. I just want to talk to anyone who will listen about a bunch of random things that I happen to think are really cool at that exact moment.

Fashion mags do this sort of "What's Hot" B.S. all the time with their inane IN/OUT lists, but oh my god, will I die a quick death if I read one more of those. They are SO ARBITRARY!

Listen, fashion-writer-type-people, (which I am certainly NOT one of, I am just a clothes-obsessed weirdo) it's never "ALL ABOUT FLORALS." Uchhhhhhhhh, just shhhhhhhh. What's hot is in the eye of the beholder, anyway.

Hello Kitty Christmas pajamas: TOTALLY "IN" for June 2012.

So, every once in a while, I'm going to post random ramblings of fashion stuff I’m currently digging.


If you are anything like me, you have a closet stuffed full of clothes and you aren’t even sure how they got there. Well, then you need the website that I am going to tell you about: Threadflip.com.

Threadflip is a Rolls Royce version of eBay that is strictly for the buying and selling of unwanted clothing and accessories. What Threadflip has done that is uber-smart is take the annoying parts out of re-selling your old clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes, for example, everything about the process.

Threadflip has made it easy to quickly upload photos of items you want to sell onto the site -- plus you can upload pics staight from Facebook or Instagram. Once your item sells, Threadflip sends you a prepaid shipping care package with label and packing materials. All you have to do then is shove the item inside, drunkenly scribble the address of the purchaser on the box, call for a pick-up, and the box is taken away.

In exchange for this service, Threadflip takes 15 percent of the sale as a fee for the materials, postage and handling. To some people that may seem a little steep, to me, who hasn’t seen the inside of a post office in 10 years, this is a godsend. As long as I can putter around my house, I’m very productive. It’s when I am forced to go out into the world that it all starts to fall apart.

I think Threadflip is a better resource to sell your existing stuff rather than buy new stuff, but if you are willing to hunt, there are some good deals. Threadflip is in it's infancy, so the site is pretty well self-curated right now, and there is cute stuff to be had:

Vintage Gucci bag, $157.00, Threadflip.com.

Black puff sleeve dress with gold collar, $30.00, Threadflip.com

Hot pink and gold necklace, $55.00, Threadflip.com.

Threadflip's inventory changes every minute, so these items could be sold by the time you read this. And oh, whoever is putting up all the Express rejects from the 90s for sale, PLEASE STOP!


I love rocker spikes and studs with my whole cold heart -- but I find myself suffering severe spike fatigue lately due to their near total ubiquity. I’ve started wearing my spikes in a sweet, girly way:

Sweet spikes send a mixed message--naughty but nice. It’s a heart! And a bow! I’m sweet! But I will punch you.

Rings, Gasoline Glamour, $50.00-$125.00, GasolineGlamour.com

These heart spike and rainbow spike rings from Gasoline Glamour are like hard candy on acid. The amount of glistening spikes and studs and crystals and random rainbow colored mini trinkets they encrust all their designs with mesmerizes me. Walking into their studio is like visiting Candyland. I could eat a bowl full of these rings for breakfast. (Be sure to check out their cell phone cases too.)

Nicolina Royale leather spiked bow cuff, $140.00, NicolinaRoyale.com

This leather spiked bow bracelet from Nicolina Royale never fails to frighten my bosses and make them laugh nervously. Nervous laughter is exactly what I always hope to elicit with my ensembles. Fear is a powerful motivator.


I have been a huge Keith Haring fan since middle school. Keith was an openly gay pop artist and social activist in NYC in the 1980s, who died of AIDS in 1990.

I totally had a Keith Haring Swatch watch in high school that someone stole from their older brother. I traded my Walkman for it. Remember Walkmans?! I think I left my Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique" CD in mine when I made the trade. An original Keith Haring Swatch is going for $1,200.00-$5,000.00 right now on eBay! I of course lost or trashed mine years ago.

Haring’s work is alive and well and cropping up on all sorts of cool things:

Keith Haring Radiant baby watch, $36.00, Pop-shop.com.

Keith Haring barking dog pin, $38.00, PatriciaField.com.

Keith Haring for Tripp NYC jeans, $120.00, PatriciaField.com.

I am in love with these Keith Haring jeans from Patricia Field -- and if you shop at Patricia Field on your actual birthday, they give you 30% off! Of course it was just my birthday last week and I completely forgot to order the stuff I had my eye on. Not smooth at all.


I am a lifetime acrylic nail wearer. I have been getting my nails done every 2 weeks for at least the last 12 years. I know, GROSS! But my razor sharp cat nails are gonna come in handy in a bar fight one day. I am so bored of nail polish that I have just started closing my eyes, randomly grabbing 2 colors, and painting each hand/foot a different color. The more gag-worthy the color, the better.

OPI "Who The Shrek Are You?" OPI "Kiss Me on My Tulips"

This reminds me that I want XOJane's "Queen of Manicures," Marianne, to try the manicure below and report back to us:

It cannot be that easy.


More specifically, Red. Glitter. Sunglasses.

Miu Miu red glitter "Noir" sunglasses, $390.00.

These red glitter Miu Miu sunglasses have been haunting me for months. Actually anything covered with glitter haunts me, as I am some sort of preschooler. I have found a few crafty blogger babes with good tutorials on how to make your own, but anytime I open a pot of glitter in my house, I am still cleaning it out of the air conditioning vents 5 weeks later. It's like Anthrax, that glitter. I have been considering just painting some random sunglasses I have with one of the 4,000 bottles of glitter nail polish I own.

DIY Miu Miu shades--There are some crafty babes out there!

Or I could just, um...


Break down and buy them. I'm not even going to try to justify or make excuses. I am too in love with them.

What are you guys feeling right now? Please do tell me, as I still have $5.00 to my name. I want links!

Oh, I also joined Twitter: @IveyAlison