Great minds think (and dress) alike.
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July 24, 2015
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My friends are babes. I'm just putting it out there. Aside from being naturally fabulous-looking, they're also usually fantastically dressed. Perhaps this belief is a little narcissistic though, because I've been noticing more and more that my pals and I have been "twinning".

It started this Winter when my roommate and I were both gifted the same pair of Franco Sarto boots from our respective moms at Christmastime. (Marci has a pair, too!)

Then last week sitting in the living room, we both realized we were wearing lacy cotton tank tops paired with dark ankle-length skirts. Twinning, again!

But the best instance of friend-twinning came this week when my friend Laura shared a photo of herself on Facebook. She was wearing a striped mini dress with a moto jacket and a black fisherman's cap, and it made me laugh because I have worn the exact same outfit recently (though my stripes were vertical!)

It got us thinking that perhaps someday we should coordinate in a girl gang uniform sort of way. A good outfit is a good outfit, and that applies extra when seeing double.

Do you ever find yourselves accidentally matching your pals, or have you dressed alike on purpose?

While you mull these questions over, take a break to get inspired by some seriously stylish people -- you, the xoJane commenters!

I wanna take a moment to shout out Caitlyn Wunsch's super-pretty bridesmaid look. While I'm sure the bride picked the dress and the colour, it's awesome how wonderfully it flatters Caitlyn's complexion and hair colour -- that blush hue was made for you! So soft and so pretty.

I also loved Cati's minimalist look, which manages to look comfy and super-polished at the same time. Loving that Black Milk Clothing top.

What have you been wearing this week? What have you recently scored for a great deal? Find anything hidden at the back of your closet recently that you managed to breathe new life into? Spill the beans, and share the photos!