A DIY Pom-Pom Sweater That's Easier Than Sewing Buttons

It's so simple, you’ll probably be wondering why you never thought of it yourself.
Publish date:
March 25, 2014
sweaters, DIY, topshop, trends, spring, pom-poms, pastel

Sometimes you see investment items that you just have to have, and other times you see something totally impractical and kitschy, and though you want it more than anything, you know it’s just not worth the splurge. As a generally kitschy person, I usually just buy the trendy item that I don’t need anyway, but since I’m trying to be a bit smarter with my money, I’ve been limiting myself a lot more than usual lately. But one piece has crossed my path that I just can’t seem to let go of: the pom-pom sweater.

I love pom-poms in general, and I’ve been lusting over a good pom-pom sweater for ages. I think the first time I saw one, it was an oversized knit with hot pink poms at Topshop, and ever since I seem to run into these cute little numbers everywhere: on the runway, in stores, even on Taylor Swift. The only problem is a sweater with pom-poms isn’t the most versatile piece to add to my wardrobe (it's hard to layer and you can't tuck it in) so, it’s just not worth the money for me.

Though I’m a horrible crafter, I always seem to find DIY projects for myself that are just easy enough for me to actually do without making a total mess. I came across a cute little pack of Easter themed pastel pom-poms at my local dollar store a couple weeks ago, and suddenly it hit me: I can totally make my own pom-pom sweater! You can, too.

You’ll Need:

  • A needle and thread in a light color
  • Pom-poms (available at crafts stores or dollar stores)
  • A sweater of your choosing (I thrifted mine for $6!)

Okay, have you gathered your supplies? Great. So what are the steps? It’s almost too obvious: start sewing on the pom-poms!

Obviously you can use whatever sizes and colors you prefer, and sew them as close or far apart as you like. You could even pom-pom just the sleeves, or create a color block effect by only covering the bottom half of your chosen garment with poms. Regardless, get creative! Knock yourself out! If you decide you don't like where a pom is placed, or you want your plain sweater back in a few months, you can easily snip the one stitch and remove these fluffy embellishments!