Madonna's 'Erotica' Reminded Me There Was More to the 90s Than Grunge

Style inspiration from Madonna's OTHER music videos.
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March 29, 2011
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A few weekends ago, I decided to download all the Madonna songs I loved that weren't on The Immaculate Collection. That's how I ended up discovering that the Erotica record included some non moan-y songs that I really, really loved. I've been really jamming on "Deeper and Deeper" and "Rain", the latter mostly on You Tube. It was such a good time in Madonna looks! Blue eyes, tight black cropped hair, everything very clean and hyper-colored with that blue undertone that so many 90's videos had. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing sneakers whilst draped over a silver chair in her futuristic room surrounded by murals of herself. They seem kinda crazy now but they are the perfect companion to her semi-sheer silver tank dress that's so 90's it's paging itself right now. Her second look was all sleek and minimalist like a reflection of her hairdo. Everyone automatially thinks "GRUNGE" when the 90's are mentioned, but there was so much more than that!

I've got the pose down, now where is my feng-shui fountain?

These silver Nikes are pretty old, they're very flat and have a total japanese-tech vibe which is why they work so well with the borderline boring black layers. The long layer is actually a dress by T by Alexander Wang, it's a great staple in the summer and layering piece in the colder months. I'm wearing it under an oversized sleeveless blouse from American Apparel that's tied at the back. Pretty simple, but I think it has a subtle chill vibe about it.