Lovely Things To Put On Your Feet Until It’s Hot Enough For Sandals

Do you know how hard it is to write an article about shoes with resorting to puns? “Best foot forward!” “Step into Spring!” “Fancy footwork” Arghhhh it’s torture, I tell you.
Publish date:
May 7, 2013

The Game of Thrones-worthy epic winter we’ve just (barely) survived has scrambled my fashion radar a bit – it’s May, the daffodils are still bobbing about in my front garden, the blossom’s only just appearing on the trees and I don’t have a clue about what to wear.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been wearing two pairs of cropped trousers for the last three weeks because the sunshine has paralysed me and I don’t know what else to wear so they seem like the safest option. This has a knock-on effect on possible footwear choices – if you’re showing a bit of ankle, then socks aren’t really an option, but it’s too cold for sandals, so whatthehelldoIdo???

You know what I’m going to say, don’t you? Yep: GO SHOPPING!

Now you know how stingy I am – I wouldn’t tell you to go and spend your hard-earned cash unless it was absolutely vital. And I do believe that investing in some sturdy, stylish footwear to ease us through the awkward transitional period between the tail-end of winter and proper summer is a sensible investment.

I surveyed the Bruegel-esque hell that is the bottom of my wardrobe to see if I had anything appropriate to wear with cropped trousers that could withstand a sudden spring shower and I really only have one suitable pair of shoes – these lovelies.

There are some tragic looking, battered Converse which, quite frankly, smell, and I’ve also got a pair of spectacularly cheapo ballet pumps which I originally bought to wear on Christmas Day, but have been conscripted into my spring wardrobe even though the soles are tissue paper thin and they’ll probably cripple me for life. That’s really not good enough, so here are some other options I’m considering buying...

T-bar shoes are always super-cute and this pretty pair from ASOS come with the added bonus of a punched-out floral design on the front. Wear now with rolled-up jeans or chinos, then with skirts or dresses when the summer really hits.

I am SO nostalgic for DMs as I had a pair of mint green suede Mary Janes in the '90s which I'd wear with bias-cut slip dresses in a suburban Surrey approximation of Winona's Reality Bites style. This navy leather pair are adorable - I love the cut-out detailing and the chunky white sole.

And because I couldn't resist, here's another pair of DMs - this time with a sweet gingham fabric print - the perfect accompaniment to denim.

To replace the noxious Converse, I've decided to return to another nostalgic favourite - Dunlop Green Flash. The crisp white canvas contrasting with that famous green badge evokes summertime, watching Wimbledon and hanging out in the park like no other shoe can. I JUST BOUGHT THESE ONLINE, CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM TO ARRIVE!

I couldn't put this edit together without including a brogue and I think this style from Hobbs' NW3 line is perfect for spring, with its delicate punched-out pattern and slim shape. It has a bit of a '30s feel to it, making it an easy, lazy way to do 'Gatsby chic' (don't bother buying a bugle-beaded flapper dress even if the high street urges you to, trust me, you'll feel silly.)

And finally, a super sleek leather loafer from & Other Stories. These are just so effortless, so nonchalant, so luxurious and understated, I love them.

Think about it, the 'great' (hollow laugh) British summer will probably have its soggy and chilly patches, and I know it's not big or clever, but won't you feel deliciously smug when a sudden shower hits and everyone else's flip-flops are dissolving and you're standing proud in your sturdy-soled shoes? Do it, you know you want to...