Loungewear As Day Wear For Making Your Rushed Mornings A Million Times Cuter

A cute loungewear to daywear outfit allows me to effortlessly and semi-perkily roll out of bed and directly onto the streets.
Publish date:
June 19, 2015

Believe it or not, I like mornings. Well… I like being awake in the morning. The actual waking up part is another story.

I find it easiest to be productive at the start of my day when my mental chalkboard has been wiped clear. Take yesterday for example: I woke up around 8AM, cleaned my entire apartment, picked up some breakfast at Dunkin (the little hash browns fill my heart with flowers), dropped some clothes off at the Laundromat, and even went grocery shopping all before eleven o’clockity clock.

The key to my early risin’ success was a cute loungewear to daywear outfit that allowed me to effortlessly and semi-perkily roll out of bed and directly onto the streets of my hood (you know, because of the whole waking up being the worst thing).

Summers in New York are sweaty and gross, so I usually shower twice per day – once being at night because I want to wake up smelling good. When my schedule allows it, I’ll tackle my morning errands in comfy matching loungewear, and then shower and change later before I head downtown.

Aside from possessing more style than run-of-the-mill jammies, the term “loungewear” has a pleasant connotation to it, kind of similar to the concept “athleisure” as opposed to working out in an old T-shirt.

A high-quality loungewear outfit is a gratuitous luxury, but also a fun and special treat to splurge on occasionally. I’ve put together a few loungewear pieces from three New York based brands for looks so pretty they could pass off as regular day wear.

Alessandra Mackenzie Olga Silk Bateau Top in Nude, $250 and $200 and Ashley Silk Shorts in Nude, $200

Alessandra Mackenzie Marisa Silk Camisole in Navy, $200 and Allison Silk Pajama Pants in Navy, $250

Oh how I love these silk separates. Alessandra Mackenzie’s menswear background inspired designs that are sophisticated and incredibly easy to wear. She also carefully sources her silk for fabric that drapes beautifully, and makes you feel like the princess of Genovia.

Alexis Mera Albemarle Maxi Dress in Grey Heather, $93 and Nike Benassi Swoosh Slides, $24.99

This maxi is basically the dress form of my comfy Alexis Mera joggers (which I’m tempted to wear every day). The lightweight jersey fabric is airy and soft, so you won’t die of a heat stroke in your sleep.

Daisy & Elizabeth Babetown Bodysuit, $210

I’ve recently become infatuated with corsets, bodysuits, and all shape wear in general. Can’t you imagine just living your entire life in this one-piece? Sleeping in it, wearing it under cute dresses and high-waisted shorts, sitting in a windowsill reading 19 century literature… Oh, and check out this cool low back detail.

I get that the concept of fancy shmancy loungewear isn’t a requirement or attainable for every day – look, I’m even guilty of strolling through USPS in my polar bear pajama pants. HOWEVER, if you do want to be a fancy bitch, there is no better way to accomplish that than by waking up as a fancy bitch.

Does anyone else want to talk about mornings or pajamas? I recently read this guy’s dating app profile, where he said something along the lines of “I think all clothing is just shitty pajamas.” Lolololol.

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