Loafers: The Perfect Shoe For Back To School Or Back To Work Or Back To Life Or Back To Reality

It's not back to school for me, but that doesn't mean I can't think about loafers.
Publish date:
August 10, 2011
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Loafers. I have a complicated relationship with them. You see, growing up I had to wear a uniform to school -- everyone does in Puerto Rico -- and during my elementary school years, I never met a loafer that I didn't like. While all the girls were running around in jumpers and mary-janes, I wore blue culottes and a vest and little loafers. Once I changed school for middle school/high school, I wasn't feeling my "youthful" shoes anymore and so I left them behind. I haven't worn a pair since.

In that time though, adorable hipster chicks around me started rocking a loafer. They wear them with cropped pants and they wear them with flower print dresses. Sometimes they wear socks and sometimes they just go barefoot (perhaps with the help of the Band-Aid Friction Stick malarky?). The point is, it's time I give loafers another try. After all, if I loved them so much during my earliest style days, why wouldn't that love stick around? And yes, I also loved my acid-washed shorts with neon hand prints all over, but that's TOTALLY different.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Glenda Penny Loafers $89, Bloomingdale's & Leopard Loafers $44.50, Delia's

Now's a great time to experiment with loafers because there is such a variety! Even the classic shape is getting revamped with patent leathers and leopard prints. The best way to figure out how to wear these is to think of Michael Jackson. No, really! With his drapey tops and skinny jeans with the INTENSE sock moments, he was kind of the king of the loafer. And also any excuse to bust out a moonwalk or a "HEE-hee" is a good one in my book.

Madison Dalmation Loafer $66 & Marcus Suede Loafer $56, Topshop

Since the shoe's current turn in the spotlight, it has also been modified into a slightly more feminine, ballerina flats-like shoe. These will look awesome with tights and dresses come fall, especially the dalmation print ones–I love an opaque tight with a light shoe. And for sure I would live in them during the warm summer months. I think I'm gonna cruise down to Topshop after work one of these days and see what I can find.

BASS Loves Rachel Antonoff Wendybird Loafer $69.99, Urban Outfitters

Ah, but these, THESE loafers are the coolest. When the pictures from Rachel Antonoff's Spring presentation hit the internet a few months back, every blogger and their mom was hyperventilating into a brown paper bag and I definitely got caught up in the hoopla as well.

I would never generally be into something that features a heart motif, but I don't know, these are just so cool! Maybe it's the contrast white top, maybe it's because they're kinda weird even though they are still a classic loafer, I'm not sure. The point is, these started everything for me. And now they're on sale (but my size isn't available anymore boo-hoo) and although I still have no idea if I can get over my loafer anxiety, I think if there was any shoe that could help me out of it, it would be these.