10 Ways To Be The Most Stylish Bookworm In The Library

Did you know you can get your own poetry printed on tights?!
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October 30, 2014
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I probably loved books before I loved fashion. I remember bringing home impressive stacks from the local library and holing up in my room for hours to read -- in really bad pleated, acid-washed jeans and an oversized sweatshirt, my fluorescent orange slouch socks sagging at the ankles.

My love for books hasn’t changed, although my style (thankfully) has. While bookworms aren’t always known for their sense of style, it is possible to be both bookish and stylish. (I’m proof! I hope.)

Here are some pieces that are the best of both worlds.


Perfect for the book lover who also geeks out over vintage, these rings are handmade in different colors to represent the book genres, all according to Penguin’s original color schemes.

A necklace for the Vonnegut lover who wants to be reminded of the fleeting nature of life on a regular basis.


Who needs Match.com when you can flirtatiously advertise your best quality on a shirt?

It’s getting hot in here…so put on all these clothes. And by that, I mean there are other titles available: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "Dracula," and Moby Dick.


These will keep your toes toasty, though not as toasty as the fire the crazies want to throw the books in (see Bradbury T-shirt above).

You can get these tights personalized with your favorite poem, or even some poetry of your own! That may seem a little narcissistic, but if you’re a writer, that should come as no surprise, am I right?


This beautiful clutch is for the fashionista who is also incredibly literary and has an incredibly huge trust fund, seeing as it costs $1880 -- more than I’ve made via freelancing this year.

A much more reasonably-priced piece in the book clutch department -- perfect for the starving artist who has $62 to spare (a 30th of the Olympia Le Tan clutch!) -- is this handmade clutch on Etsy.

And here's another piece you can personalize! Choose your favorite oeuvre, whether it be William Faulkner or Stephenie Meyer. (I’ll try not to judge.)


It was the best of scarves, it was the worst of…jokes. (Other titles available in case I just ruined this one for you!)

Note to family/friends/secret admirers: This is basically my whole Christmas/birthday list, please and thank you.

Which piece of literary fashion is your favorite? Did you order anything after reading Marci's Litographs article?