I Can't Find Pretty Lingerie To Fit My Boobs...And It's REALLY Annoying

My breasts scoff at a D cup but I still want cute nighties.
Publish date:
November 6, 2013
lingerie, big boobs

I’ve recently started dating a guy with a pretty serious lingerie fetish. While I believe that my love for all things pretty and lacy runs pretty deep, this guy is next level for the stuff.

He REALLY digs me all wrapped up in a pretty bow or six, with some see-through mesh and extras thrown in. I’m completely down for this. I like feeling sexy. And I’m a big believer in wearing the right undergarments and their ability to lift, separate and make you feel like a wanton sex goddess, even in sweatpants.

Let me be specific about what kind of lingerie I’m talking about. Bras and panties? Got that covered. I’m a fan of the Eveden brands as a busty 34F (former 42G about two years ago), so Freya & Fantasie lacy things own a good amount of real estate in my drawer. So does Elle Macpherson Intimates.

I’m talking about babydolls, chemises, merry widows, etc. But I'm not finding what I'm looking for in my size. What gives?

On a recent tour through a major chain (with the guy), I noticed the cup sizes only go up to a D for a lot of the lingerie. A D cup. My breasts scoff at a D cup. I tried a lacy slip from the brand a couple of weeks ago, slipping it on without a bra. My boobs need a HOUSE, people.

Those thin little straps strained and wheezed. I felt sorry for them, so I threw on a bra. It worked, and he loved it, but I wanted to try something fun without having to call in reinforcements. Is that too much to ask?

We also visited a famed Manhattan lingerie store where new guy spotted a babydoll nightgown. This time, we got the bra size nailed (yay!), so I step into the dressing room, where I threw it over my head and pulled a contortion act to get the back fastened.

Then I looked at myself in the mirror. Wow. The underwire cut straight into the center top of my stomach, and let’s just say that it created another set of boobs under my boobs. I still shudder when I think of how that looked.

I searched everywhere in that lingerie store for something that had a bit more support up top and came up with nothing. No sexy nighties that would make me look like a soap opera goddess. Triangle cups were everywhere, but nothing was that romantic.

I settled on a mesh body suit in my bra size that is completely see-through, but I wanted Elizabeth Taylor, and now I’m working Fosse jazz hands in black mesh and hanging crystals. It’ll do, for the moment.

I am a seriously curvy hourglass shaped woman with big breasts and a bank account. I would PAY for sexy pieces and if they made them in my size. But what gives, Agent Provocateur? Wherefore art thou, La Perla? I went through every major retailer and I seriously could not find anything long and slinky (or short and slinky) without heaving a deep sigh. Busty girls don’t need nightgowns?

And I want good materials, silks, well-crafted satins, brushed cotton. I don't want a material that looks like it would catch fire if you even walked past a candle.

So, people who make lingerie, can we please get some better options for those with well-endowed chests? Because we’re excited to buy them, wear them, tell our friends with big boobs about them. I'm sure it'd help your bottom line as well.

Have you had some issues finding lingerie that fits your chest? Do you have some brands you’d recommend?