A Reader-Inspired Cardigan & Socks Tribute! PLUS, Save the Public Library

Reader clairesayswhat introduced me to an adorable stereotype of professional librarians, I turned it into a shopping post.

What is it with me and socks lately? Well, socks beget socks. When I tipped everybody off about the Wayne Coyne Crowded Teeth sock Tweets, reader clairesayswhat and I had this exchange in the comments:

Who knew this? Everybody? I think it's so sweet. It gets drafty in that mug with all the books, and our librarians are prepared with warm socks and cute cardigans!

This new knowledge inspired me to do a mini shopping hook-up.

My new librarian girlfriend on asos:

Fred Perry Argyle Cardigan, asos $119.50

There are more than one pair of reindeer socks on this page (I check out books on being a holiday freak). These are "crafted with care in rural Pennsylvania:"

Dashing Dasher Socks, Lisa B for ModCloth $19.99

I love this modern school uniform style. Bookish, but not wormy!:

Felted Colorbar Cardigan, Charlie & Robyn for Anthropologie $118

"Color block" is very buzzy. I accept it (and it suuure looks good):

Ibrock Color Block Ankle Socks, Pieces for asos $7.19

J. Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons, asked for the "perfectly cropped cardigan to wear specifically with a dress." Her design team delivered this, and I wish I could deliver it to all my chic-est chilly librarians:

Jenna's Cardigan in Wildcat, J. Crew $89.50

I must have some kind of nostalgic hang-up on this pattern, but these are so CUTE, and I'm looney toons for the green and gray. And the boots:

Deer Fairisle Socks, asos $9.88

Libraries have actually been on my mind lately. A lot of budget cuts are being made in Chicago, some of which will affect the public libraries (-$8M in funding approved last week). I have librarian friends who are rightfully worried.

First, it made me think about how important the public library was (is) to me, especially as a kid. You could check records out when I was little. Albums!

I was an early and voracious reader, and in the pre-Internet days, that's how you learned things, you had to research at the library. Microfiche, am I right?? I would read even magazines (my true loves) for hours at the library.

My feelings about many tax-funded entities are mixed, but it's scary to think of privately funded libraries because of the effect it would have on which books would be accessible. Maybe I'm paranoid.

Another part of this whole thing that strikes me is that nobody accidentally becomes a librarian. Nobody. It's their dream job, they go to GRAD SCHOOL. People are passionate about becoming and staying librarians. It is un-glamorous and totally beloved by those who commit to it. I love that.

What are your feelings about the public library? Is it obsolete or indispensable? (I think I may owe $.30 to my library right now, am I part of the problem?)

Have any favorite sweaters or socks to share with us? Crushes on asos models (I also love the Curve model with the dark hair)?

Oh, and thanks, clairesayswhat!