OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Never Enough Denim

Let's talk about jeans.
Publish date:
February 6, 2015
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I don't wear jeans all that often, but when I do, they're always Levi's. I started buying Levi's denim in my teens and haven't been able to shake the obsession since. What started with the world's comfiest straight-leg cut in a pale gray went on to everything from traditional vintage washes to a blindingly bright cobalt pair.

I've found that Levi's are unfailingly comfy (I've fallen asleep in them many a time), sturdily manufactured, and only get better through the years. The fine wine of denim, for sure.Between the launch of Levi's "pre-customized" collection, and my own weekend purchase of a dark wash Demi Curve Slim ($78, us.levi.com), I figured I would chat with you guys about denim. Tell me about your favourite pair of jeans. Were they $5 at a thrift store or a perfect tailored pair you spent a pretty penny on? There are some pretty interesting denim stories out there.

Whether or not you want to talk about jeans, you can join me in checking out last week's best looks, submitted by the wonderful one and only gang that is you guys. Commenter emrp won everyone over with her dress that caused a coworker to tell her she "[looked] like a pilgrim." A pretty stylish pilgrim, if you ask me. I love the knit texture on that dress!

Meowzeltov Cocktail also brightened the mood with her summery pink and aqua look, which sealed the deal for me with that printed blouse. I mean, obviously I'm going to love a shirt with mascara wands on it.

Now it's your turn to TAKE IT AWAY. Show me what you wore this week and tell me what you've been getting up to.