Paper or Plastic? Pssh, Try Leather

A "paper" bag made out of leather. Practical for life, but maybe not for lunch.
Publish date:
June 7, 2011
shoppables, accessories, marie turnor, things that look like other things

If there's one thing I more or less unconditionally love, it's everyday objects re-created out of different materials that change their purpose. I think it appeals to the sense of child-like wonderment that I somehow haven't lost yet (and that I try to encourage as much as I can).

Anyways, I love this super-awesome leather Picnic Bag made by Marie Turnor ($175). It looks just like a brown paper bag! If the leather is even half as soft as it looks then it's definitely a winner. It's the perfect item for stylishly carrying all your after-work party essentials while being charmingly discreet. Or you can carry your everyday essentials, including the classic lunch of fruit and a PB&J sandwich. Is that crazy? Probably. But crazy like a (really smart, eco-conscious) fox!