OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Occasional Lady

I look fancy (because I need to do laundry).
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August 1, 2015
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The busier I get, the less time I have to devote to household chores, and the number once category that suffers is laundry.

As my most-worn pieces dwindle down and end up in the hamper, I have to stretch my creativity every morning when it comes to piecing together an outfit. What could result in me looking a bit sloppy or strange has funnily been leading to me looking pretty damn fancy.

On the average clean laundry day, I'll dress for work in a combo mixing a casual a-line skirt or dark denim with vintage tees or patterned button-downs. But when those clothes are ready for the wash, I end up reaching for my best dresses.

Slim, fitted sheaths and pretty printed sundresses get thrown on and suddenly I feel like I need to up my game. Polished flats and cute sandals take the place of my scuffed loafers and my jewelry gets more delicate. The dirtier my laundry bag gets, the more polished I look. It's weird.

This week I wore a variety of shirt-dresses, shifts and sundresses that would look perfectly in place in an office (I don't work in an office). Yesterday's look was a black and white paisley-printed eyelet full-skirted sundress from Ann Taylor a few years back, complete with those fancy snaps on the straps that keep them from sliding away from your bra straps (you know you're fancy when ...)

It's not that I consider my regular dressing at all schlubby, it's just funny to look in the mirror and see a more polished, mature-looking version of myself that happens to be reflecting my inability to balance chores and work. I guess I've still got some growing up to do.

How do you dress when you're running out of clean duds? What's the funniest laundry day ensemble you've ever thrown together? I'm happy to report I've never resorted to bikini bottoms as clean underwear, but I definitely have purchased a new pair of socks at the dollar store instead of washing a pair.

To give you some getting-dressed inspiration, let's take a peek at the stylish looks you shared last week.

I absolutely loved TFig23's birthday look. That dress is just the perfect mix of adorable and sexy.

babywitch joined in on the "twinning" theme with this shot of her and a friend channeling the Shining in matching black dresses and wavy side-flipped hair. Nice work, ladies!

What did you wear this week? Has it been insanely hot in your 'hood too? Show me the pix, folks!