Last night a music video changed my life (or at least my hair)

Otherwise known as: a tenuous (but not really, promise) way for me to shoehorn the sexy new Bruno Mars video into the site.
Publish date:
November 23, 2012
shoppables, fashion, 70s style, bruno mars, locked out of heaven

Have you ever watched a film, read a book, heard a song or seen someone on the street and suddenly wanted to totally and utterly change your style, your stance, to inhabit a new character?

I was sat on the bed in my hotel room in Paris (the Renaissance Paris le Parc Trocadero – lovely!) watching TV and flicked onto a channel that was playing the video for Bruno Mars’ new single, Locked Out of Heaven. Now I know nothing about this Mars fellow, or current popular beat music, but I was immediately drawn in by the catchy Police-like hook and the grainy, sleazy ‘70s aesthetic of the clip.

It’s a brilliant distillation of everything that was cool back then blended with what’s hot right now and it really got under my skin.

Bruno himself looked mighty fine in his tight mustard coloured t-shirt, gold chains and aviators but it was the girls in the video who really caught my attention and made me want to look Just. Like. Them.

They looked SO cool, tossing their flicky, swooshy hair which is all flecked with honey-gold highlights and rocking nifty cut-off tees and high-waisted, bleached denim. It's all sweaty and messy and intense and no-bra American Apparel vest-y. Aka HOT.

It’s a simple, casual, slightly sporty look with kitsch touches – loose jersey vests and tees, undone hair, gold hoop earrings, a light sheen of sweat glistening on skin from jumping around in the mosh pit - like you look so hot you don’t need to ‘dress up’.

Who doesn’t want to be the cool chick who just pulls on some skintight jeans and a leather jacket and heads out to the club/gig/bar with nothing but a slick of lipbalm and a coat of mascara on her beautiful face?

Now realistically I am never going to dress like this – it’s not practical for a start (too cold) and it’s about as far away from my ‘signature’ style as you could possibly get, but that’s the beauty of fashion – you can fantastise sometimes. Such is the power of a brilliantly made pop video (or whatever piece of pop culture floats your boat) that in those 3:55 minutes, you can be completely seduced by an aesthetic, an attitude that is totally removed from your everyday life and self.

It’s fun to escape reality, to play ‘dress up’ and see yourself as that girl – even if only in your imagination, for a few minutes. So here are a few cheap, easy bits for your/my shopping list just in case you fancy getting the babe-in-a-Bruno-Mars-video look this weekend.

Topshop's jersey vests

Layer up a couple of these babies and try a pretty, lacy bra to act as a counterpoint to their sportiness.

Denim from ASOS

Skinny jeans are booorrrrring - it's time to bring back flares! I'd wear these with Converse though in da club.

'Gold' (ahem) jewellery from H&M

Tell me, has a music video ever made you want to chuck out your entire wardrobe and start again? Now go forth and be sexy, friends, and have lovely weekends!