KICKS BEFORE D*CKS: This Spring, I'm Only Wearing High-Tops

My feet hurt, I'm sick of it, read on!
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March 15, 2012
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"He's definitely an athlete," my friend Marissa whispered to me.

We were standing in line at airport security behind a dude wearing head-to-toe black Jordan sweats with flip-flops and socks.

"How do you know?" I asked, unconvinced. "Do you recognize him?"

"No, but look what he's wearing," she insisted. "And he has an



When I saw one of the TSA officers slip him her number I thought Marissa might have been right.

"Is he an athlete?" I asked the TSA girl, as I loaded my things onto the conveyor belt.

"No--," she said, confused. "He's just cute."

"What!?" I thought. Here I was suffering in too-tight jeans, a blazer and booties, while this guy breezed through security in the sensory equivalent of pajamas. If I wore sports apparel to the airport, no one would mistake me for a pro



I would look like I had just come from the gym.

I'm not sure what this has to do with my high-top obsession. I just love them, OK? I was intensely jealous of my last boyfriend's sneaker collection. Whenever I'm walking from one place to another and have time to spare, I'll sneak into Foot Locker or somewhere athletic and creep around. You get the idea.

Also, have you seen my feet? They're the crunched, crooked product of 15 years in 5-inch heels. This spring I'm giving them a rest and only wearing my

Isabel Marant kicks

for a while. I also really want all of the shoes pictured below. Madeline is worried that these won't look feminine, but that's


. It's all about how you style them.

Nike Air Royalty, $120:

Wear these like a classic pair of white chucks, with black skinnies, and blazers, and dresses and things.

Topshop Athlete Wedge Heels, $150:

I love how these offer the sporty look of a sneaker plus a few extra inches.

Y-3 High Top Sneakers, $175:

Sleek, slim, sexy -- pair these with leather pants and a cute tank and you won't lack for femininity.

Nine West Sneaker Pump, $85:

These are sort of

See by Chloe inspired

, but with a nautical twist, and again they offer a nice little lift.

Jordan Spiz'ike, $175:

These are straight up Jordans -- designed for a man -- and that makes me love them even more. They're so multi-colored that they're practically neutral, like leopard.

Would you wear any of these kicks? What are your go-to comfortable shoes? My feet hurt. Let's talk about it!

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