FREE! 10 Classy, Wear-with-Anything Pieces of Jewelry Designed by Kate Bosworth

We're just like a romantic, loving, significant other, giving you jewelry and other tokens of affection.
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January 30, 2012
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Remember just a few short weeks ago, we gave away those comfy, classic tees designed by the Olsens? They were from StyleMint. But there's also JewelMint (and ShoeMint! And BeautyMint!).

It's the same premise as StyleMint -- an online shopping club tailored your tastes/lifestyle that features affordable, stylish pieces, but instead of tees, JewelMint offers classy, affordable jewelry designed by the effortlessly stylish Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter.

Just like last time, entering is as easy as uno, dos, tres (I'm in Mexico right now, by the way. Poolside.)

1. Start a JewelMint profile. It's fun because you get to answer questions about yourself (but it's easy because you're mostly just clicking on your favorite image).

2. "Like" us on Facebook!

3. Leave a comment here indicating your favorite piece on JewelMint and how you'll wear it.

In a week or so, we'll announce the winners! 10 of you will receive a credit that you can redeem for your favorite shiny JewelMint piece.

Just like the xo-girls truly love StyleMint, I was not surprised when they told me they're also down with JewelMint. Here are their picks:


Just for you, our cherished readers: Use promo code XOXO, good for 50% off your first piece if you purchase today or tomorrow! New buyers only.

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