Just What You've Been Waiting For: Designer Jelly Bandz!

Genius idea or MOST GENIUS IDEA? What? It's not either one of those things? Yeah, you're right.
Publish date:
June 8, 2011
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Bracelets $15, Shopbop.com.

In a continuation of things that make me feel old, the Silly Bandz trend was all the rage amongst the school-set last year. These funky rubber bands come in a ton of colors and themes and presumably kids just like wearing them and trading them with their friends. (They also may or may not be a great indicator of sexual activity!). But what is a harmless trend without a high-fashion companion? Nothing, that's what. So Marc Jacobs has offered his expert eye and brought some bling to the game. These will make cute presents and... oh, who am I kidding? I think this is totally pointless. Am I no rock n' roll fun? Probably. Now get off my lawn, you crazy kids!