JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: Rain Boots To Break You Out Of Your Hunter Rut

I hate rain boots, but I love YOU so I'm going to find them.
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December 6, 2011
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Help, I need some rain boots! I love the matte and shiny dark original Hunter styles, but I think the shape of the boots is not very flattering to the leg, plus kind of boring because everyone has them. Do you know of any other brands or styles that are a bit more sleek and chic?

Fucking rain boots? Ugh, yawn.

I've got this horrible logoed pair that I bought when I was caught in a downpour outside of Saks and they're boring as hell. My friend Francesca borrowed them like a month ago and keeps trying to bring them back, but I'm not interested!

Instead when it rains, I like to wear my least favorite non-water-resistant shoes. Today it's these faux-suede Aldo booties I got at the A is for Aldo fragrance launch. The shoes are nothing special, but the scents I recommend.

Anyway, I'm here to help, so I've put aside my feelings on rubber footwear to bring you a few sexy new options. Because you're right about Hunter boots -- they're definitely a classic, but those bad boys are more played out than Tory Burch flats!

Check it out:

Loeffler Randall Rain Slip On, $150: These rainproof booties have a matte finish, so they don't scream water-resistant, but they still keep your feet dry. And the slightly pointed toe and ankle height make them chic and streamlined enough to pair with something feminine like a little skirt.

Juicy Couture Emily Rainboots, $175: I've been writing up loads of Juicy lately, because they're kind of killing it! I love how the exposed zipper offers a fresh update on your classic moto style, and again, these aren't too shiny. Wear them with skinnies tucked in and top with a trench for instant rainy day style.

Kate Spade Patty Boot, $125: Dalmation is the new cheetah, I tell you! And these printed rain boots are the sort of shoe that might cheer you up when you're trudging around outside in terrible weather. As I always recommend, keep the rest of your look really understated with a strong piece like these.

So tell me, what do you wear when it rains? Rain boots or whatever shoes you want? And do you carry an umbrella? I forgot mine today, but it seems like they've fallen out of favor.

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