JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: Faux Fur That Looks Good Enough To Piss Off PETA

And sob story about the one that got away.

All the cool girls (like you and Cat and Kate Moss) have these amazing hip-length kind of boxy fur coats this season, and I'm wondering if there are any faux-fur versions floating around that are cool enough to wear all winter, but would also look rockin' over a dress at night. My favorite color is black and I consistently ruin white clothes, so yeah...the darker the better.

Boxy is an understatement! The fur I live in during the winter is this disgusting fox from the 60s that's like four sizes too big and was bought out of desperation because I can't cope with being cold. I wanted this technicolor dream fur by Isabel Marant made from a million rare dead animals, but missed out when it went on sale at Barney's. I'm still not okay about it.

But enough about me and my cruelty coats, you're looking for a faux fur!

Like cubic zirconia and pleather, fake fur usually doesn't pass for the real thing, but if you style it the right way, it can. Think of your fake as a giant accessory and keep everything else streamlined and simple. Faux fur is totally a look, and depending upon where you live, it may even be a social necessity.

Here in New York, I wear my giant furs to vegan restaurants and no one cares, but on the West coast that's not gonna fly.

For a convincing faux-fur that doesn't scream caution flammable material, check out my favorite chic, discreet, day-to-night fluffy coats in stores right now.

Helene Berman Faux Fur Jacket, $190: This insanely luxe jacket is on the outnet right now, which means it won't be there for long, so MOVE before I snag it first! It looks like something a 19-year-old Russian model would wear with combat boots to a casting. Yum.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Faux Fur Jacket, $419: This fake looks so good I want to file a mislabeling lawsuit. Roomy enough to throw a knit underneath, but not too big to wear out at night, this jacket works with almost anything in your closet.

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat, $398: Say what you will about Juicy Couture, but they kill it on the faux fur every winter and this season is no different. Wear this coat with everything from black skinnies and moto boots to slutty little dresses and stilettos.

French Connection Skating Kate Jacket, $290: Clearly named for Kate Moss, this little coat channels the icon's slouchy, effortless style perfectly, but still looks polished enough to wear out at night.

Thread & Supply Faux Fur Jacket, $84: From the oversized collar to the color, this coat is full 70s glamour at a seriously low price. Granted it's from the juniors section, but I'm not ashamed to hit the kiddie racks and save some cash from time to time.

So what do you prefer: real fur coats or the cruelty-free kind? Or neither? And how do you stay warm and sexy in the winter? I must know!

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