JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: GROWN AND SEXY Party Dresses You'll Want To Wear On Repeat

Holiday dresses can be sooo tacky! Skip the stretch-satin and sequins season and slip into one of these crazy-sexy, ultra-sophisticated options instead.
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November 30, 2011
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My boyfriend's holiday party is coming up and then my birthday is right after that and then our family holiday party. I want one dress that I can wear to all of them, preferably with tights. I want something fancy, definitely short/cocktail length, not too revealing but still attractive. Everything I see in person and online for "holiday" looks like a glitter/sequin/tacky factory vomited all over it. It is just so "Dynasty"! I don't understand.

I feel you, girl. The only thing worse than a bad holiday dress is people who use "You look festive!" as a seasonal compliment. I'm a person, goddamnit, not a Christmas wreath!

If it were up to me, I'd say pass on the party dress all together and wear an Olsen-y tux instead, but that could be why you have a boyfriend and I don't.

Since you are looking a dress this season -- one that works for three separate occasions -- your best bet is something simple and versatile, but not boring. That way you can style it differently for each event.

Here's what I found:

Alexander Wang Asymmetrical Ruched Dress, $333: If you don't buy this, I will! It's drapey, effortless perfection, and I love how the asymmetrical hem elevates an otherwise basic black dress to one that really stands out, but not so much that you can't wear it on repeat. Skip the tights and pair it with a bootie, then top with a big chunky fur.

Zara Tulip Dress, $99: This is the dress equivalent of a glass of champagne, no? It's got just enough sparkle and the structured silhouette makes for endless styling potential. You could wear it with an oversized coat, a moto jacket, or even layer a turtleneck underneath -- yes, a turtleneck! More on that from Eric soon.

Parker Wrap Dress, $242: A little white dress is the perfect antidote to LBD boredom and this one strikes a balance between birthday-sexy and family-safe. Wear it with bold accessories, black tights and ankle boots, then try a leather jacket and patterned stockings for a completely different look.

Nasty Gal Glamazon Dress, $108: Sure this shimmery little dress is named for a stripper, but the boatneck and sleeve combo tones down the short hemline for a look that's sexy, not sleazy. Again, the styling potential here is limitless.

Now, what holiday parties are you attending, and do you have something to wear yet? I stand by my tux decision! Let's discuss.

And send your fashion questions to me at julie@xojane.com.