JULIE FINDS IT FOR MADELINE: A Long-Sleeved Mini Dress For New Year's Eve

Plus, fun with Photoshop!
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December 27, 2011
new year's eve, Madeline, scuba diving, neoprene

So I was just visualizing my NYE in a long-sleeved neoprene dress…and unless they make them with mesh-armpit-holes (in a different color! Color-blocking! God that would be cool), it's going to be kind of disgusting. So I'll settle for a non-neoprene, long-sleeved, mini dress (that fits me like a glove). BTW, I still wanna try something neoprene, if you have any ideas.Hugs from across the desk partition,Madeline

Welcome to the week of "What are you doing for New Year's?" When I had a boyfriend (am I talking about him too much?), we used to go to a really expensive dinner and get shitfaced before slinking home to fight or have sex. Or both! This year, I haven't committed to anything yet, so if you'd like to invite me to a party, just send a request to julie@xojane.com.

Now, back to Madeline's dress. I love the look of Neoprene as well, but she's right, it doesn't seem breathable. I also imagine it might make dancing difficult and result in some really robotic moves. That's why I've chosen a sleeveless neoprene option. The other two options are sexy and Madeline-appropriate in their own right.

To help you visualize Mads on NYE, Olivia photoshopped her head onto each dress option. Thanks Olivia!

Lisa Marie Fernandez Neoprene Dress, $258: An easy-access zipper like this one says, I'm ready for NYE action, while the decidedly unsexy fabric keeps the dress from looking cheap. Not to mention black neoprene is perfect for soaking up rogue spills at the bar.

Jonathan Saunders Ombre Dress, $243: The dusty rainbow palette on this dress reminds me of a South Beach motel in the best possible way. Pair it with a tough little bootie and a slick of red lipstick and you're done.

Nasty Gal Mesh Around Dress, $48: Nice word play, Nasty Gal. Put the wrong girl in this dress and it looks bargain bin, but Madeline would work it like Chloe Sevigny, with clompy shoes and messy hair. LOVE.

Which dress would you like to see Mads wear on New Year's Eve? Vote in the comments, and she'll actually buy the one you love the most. Maybe.

Now tell me about your New Year's Eve plans. Or if you're undecided like me, I want to hear about the best NYE you've ever had. And the worst. Let's go!

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